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Upcoming Event – Summer Gala 2020

The Steam Games Festival - Summer Edition is quickly approaching, and we're excited to say Mondrian - Plastic Reality is going to be a part of it! In fact, we're so excited to bring the game to you next week, that we are hosting our own little party to go along with the festival - our first ever Summer Gala! The Summer Gala is a celebration of our community and creativity. To help make this happen, we're working around the clock for the next few days to get Steam Workshop integrated directly into Mondrian Maker. Progress report on [...]

By |June 2nd, 2020|

Upcoming Events – Quarantine Edition

Alright. We all know whatsup, and if you somehow don't, please let us know what rock you're living under and we'll bring snacks. While plenty of game industry events have been getting canceled, suddenly there are multiple digital events springing up, and these are ending up right inside Lantana's budget, while ALSO saving on travel costs. Knowing this, we're excited to announce our presence at the first two of what will hopefully be many digital events for the Spring and Summer. If you'd like to catch up with the crew and check out the latest updates to Mondrian - [...]

By |April 21st, 2020|
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