Children of Liberty

Listen my Children and you shall hear of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere…

On April 19, 1775, the Minutemen of Lexington confronted a group of 700 Redcoats marching to capture munitions depots stored outside the town of Boston. Thus began what is known as the American Revolutionary War. The events leading up to this battle, however, are filled with intrigue.

The night before the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the Sons of Liberty received word of the Redcoats’ plan to march on the munitions depot. Paul Revere, a coppersmith and infamous Patriot, was sent along with William Dawes to warn the countryside of the oncoming attack. However, only by a mysterious set of circumstances was Revere able to succeed at his mission.

Children of Liberty fills in the plot holes of the tale of Paul Revere’s Ride while remaining historically accurate. Play as either Joseph, the classic platformer; Ally, the nimble freerunner; Doug, the burly tank; or Sarah, the bratty eight-year old ninja, and live out the events of the hours leading up to the American Revolution.

Children of Liberty blends classical 2D gameplay into a 3D world. Run, sneak, and turn your way through the streets of Colonial Boston in a stealth adventure like no other.

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Current Version: EX11 (1/22/2015)


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Project Lead
Brian Wang

Game Design
Danny Silvers
Brian Wang
Julia Smith
Matthew Lyon

Julia Smith
Samuel Paley

Gameplay Programming
Brian Wang
Aaron Lin
Nicholas Lordi

Animation and Cleanup
Michael Winn
Ricky Bryant Jr.
Christine Amato
Bridget Simms
Ty Enos
Brittney Lezon
Rebecca Ernest
Maura Wright

Creative Direction
Julia Smith

Background Artist
Chenylle Mercado
Brittney Lezon

Asset Design
Julia Smith
Chenylle Mercado
Yuka Ninohira
Karen Layman
Kim Kogut
Matthew Lyon

Danny Silvers
Jon Myers

Level Design
Matthew Lyon
Jenna Hoffstein
Samuel Paley

Script Consulting, Editing, and Additional Dialog
Jon Myers

Voiceover Direction
Jon Myers

Voiceover Recording Engineer
Shannon Daly

Hannah Hoyt
Rob Jaret

Sound Design
Jordan Mcaffee-hahn
Max Meisel
Rob Jaret

Audio Programming
Rob Jaret

Community and Marketing
Christine Bürki
Danny Silvers
Billy Nichols
Michelle Deleppo
Fiona Cherbak
Lisa Fields

Dory Codington

Team Lead
Danny Silvers

Geoffrey Campbell - Paul Revere
Chris Rando - Joseph, Lieutenants
Sarah Elmaleh - Ally, Margaret Gage, others
Sean Chiplock - Doug, William Dawes
Ashly Burch - Sarah
Cyrus Nemati - Thomas Gage
Chris Ciulla - John Hancock, Ben Church, others
Caroline Murphy - Deborah Sampson, Barbara Baker, others
Billy Nichols - Samuel Prescott, others
Brian Moyer - Alan Ward, Marcus Knight, others
Khadjeja Merenkov - Penelope Knight
Matthew Phillion - Joseph Warren
Troy Siegfried - William Legge

Special Thanks
Michelle Deleppo
Fiona Cherbak
Lisa Fields
Monty Sharma
Ichiro Lambe
Eitan Glinert
Maura Wright
Jess Gutierrez
Samuel Paley
Jenna Hoffstein
Billy Nichols

Project Donors ($5+)
Thomas Whitener
Auston Montville

Preemptive Donors ($10+)
Claude Rosen
Louise De Vilmorin Bruce
Restorative Bodywork
Bernardo Briceño
Sachin Shukla
Erhardt Graeff
Leah Pearlstein Cruran
Craig Sanderlin
Shawn A.W.
Nels Anderson
Peter Smith
Steve Dietemann
Jonnie Dredge

Donors Who Like Stuff ($20+)
Daniel McGauley
Rebecca Cross
Beth Reynolds
Darius Kazemi
Idy Codington
Kumar Darayanani
Troy Gilbert
Michael Thomét
Ken Campbell
Katherine Baxter
Gwen Murray
Anne Sarver
Andrew James
Diane Pierce-Williams
Samantha Seely
Sarinee Achavanuntakul
Whitmore Benoit
Justin Busch
Kevin Reitz
Troy Gilbert
Michael Thomét
Meredith Knowles
Caleb Garner

Sharp Dressed Donors ($50+)
Judy Silverstein
Ichiro Lambe
Buffy Bye
Cathy Knights
Colin Principe

Seriously Classy Donors ($100+)
Alexander Smith
David Bolton
Rob Jaret
Catherine Bacon
Joe Johnston
William Lyons
Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab
Sylvia Ripley
Joe Johnston

Donors Worthy of a Cameo Appearance ($250+)
Corey Rosemond
Ken Fleming
Albert Paley

Donors of Liberty ($500+)
William Paley
Alison Paley
Carson Fuller
Dory Codington
Matthew Hershberger

Indie Jedi Masters who Gave Us Guidance
Ichiro Lambe
Scott Macmillan
Eitan Glinert

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