A Revolutionary Tale of History and Intrigue

Children of Liberty has been built from the ground up to take full advantage of classic 2D gameplay in a next-gen 3D world.


Fast, Fluid Gameplay

Never miss a jump with fluid 2D gameplay and a smart but cinematic camera.

Hide & Seek

Stealth mechanics like hiding, takedowns, and corner leans blend the 2D gameplay into the 3D world.

Four Kids, One Story

Joseph, Doug, Ally, and Sarah each have distinct playstyles, abilities, and even narrative variations.

Historical Accuracy

The game's story has been constructed from primary sources in order to achieve a high level of historical accuracy.

Cartoon World

Thousands of frames of hand-drawn animation bring Colonial Boston to life.


Children of Liberty looks great even on lower-spec'd machines, and is beautiful on high-end PC's in 1080p HD.

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"Children of Liberty has you thwarting British forces meddlesome-kids-style in a mixed 2D/3D aesthetic that shows a lot of personality and promise." - PC Gamer

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"That’s the way Children of Liberty tells it anyway, by way of absolutely gorgeous-looking 2D/3D stealth, no less." - Rock Paper Shotgun

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"They can leave enemies stunned, and use tools like toy swords and abilities like wall-running to make their way through the world of 1775 Boston." - Polygon

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"If it manages to play even half as well as it looks I have no doubt that Children Of Liberty will be a very special game indeed."
- IndieGameMag

The Regulars are Marching

On April 19, 1775, the Minutemen of Lexington confronted a group of 700 Redcoats marching to capture munitions depots stored outside the town of Boston. Thus began what is known as the American Revolutionary War. The events leading up to this battle, however, are filled with intrigue.

The night before the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the Sons of Liberty received word of the Redcoats' plan to march on the munitions depot. Paul Revere, a coppersmith and infamous Patriot, was sent along with William Dawes to warn the countryside of the oncoming attack. However, only by a mysterious set of circumstances was Revere able to succeed at his mission.

Children of Liberty fills in the plot holes of the tale of Paul Revere's Ride while remaining historically accurate. Play as either Joseph, the classic platformer; Ally, the nimble freerunner; Doug, the burly tank; or Sarah, the bratty eight-year old ninja, and live out the events of the hours leading up to the American Revolution.

steamEarlyAccess Children of Liberty blends classical 2D gameplay into a 3D world. Run, sneak, and turn your way through the streets of Colonial Boston in a stealth adventure like no other.

This is our Early Access Progress Graph! This will give you a general idea of how character, level, and cutscene development is going.
You may view the spreadsheet live on Google Drive here.


Children of Liberty is a stealth platformer for PC and Mac which retells the tale of Paul Revere’s Ride from the point of view of four kid spies for the Patriots.


Title: Children of Liberty
Developer: Lantana Games
Publisher: None
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux
Players: 1
Engine: Unity 4.3
Distribution Services: Steam, Humble Store, Desura, IndieGameStand

    System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7; Mac OSX Lion or Better

1.3Gb Hard Drive Space


1Gb nVidia GeForce 300 or ATI Radeon HD5000 graphics card or better

Keyboard+mouse combo & Gamepad Currently Supported

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Core Elements: Listen to the Followup Podcast with Dan.
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"It's looking more and more promising." - All That's Epic

"CoL is not afraid to break a few safety nets" - Structure Gaming

"Children of Liberty is one of those games that makes history fun!" - Greenlit Gaming

"Trust me – it’s rather cool looking." - Substance TV

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"Gorgeous-looking 2D/3D stealth" - Rock Paper Shotgun

"If it manages to play even half as well as it looks I have no doubt that Children Of Liberty will be a very special game indeed." - IndieGameMag

"Children of Liberty is nicely designed and a bit dark" - Ignorama

"Worthy of attention." - Express Bus to Hell

Top 50 Most Anticipated Games of 2013 (Honorable Mention) - IndieStatik

2012 News

"The guards do not shoot you. We know that no Redcoat soldier would shoot an eight year old. That’s insane. Mainly because those muskets take forever to reload." - IndieGameMag

"An American Revolution stealth platformer is actually a thing, and it looks to be a good thing." - The Void

"The game gives us the desired 2D platforming gameplay in a 3D environment with a slick corner-turning mechanic. It’s got a fresh setting, a cool premise, and a focused visual aesthetic. It’s smart and creative." - Twenty-Sided

"Smooth animations and stealth gameplay combined with one of the most famous stories of the Revolutionary War- the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere made for an interesting experience." - Just Press Start

"If you can’t spare a few minutes out of your day for this, you hate freedom!" -Department of Electronic Entertainment

"The cartoony aesthetics work almost surprisingly well in this historical, stealth-oriented platformer." - IndieGames

"It's also full of gorgeous hand-drawn 2D, which is a big plus in my book." - Gamespy

"In its current Alpha version, Children of Liberty is already great and continuing to get better." - IndieGameMag

"The 3D turning mechanic looks great and I love the lighting effects so much it’s a shame to have to blow out my candle and skulk around in the dark." - PEGReviews

"Maybe it’s our unnatural infatuation with beautiful, hand-drawn, 2D sprites that draws us to indie games, as it’s an art style often adopted by indie developers. Or perhaps it’s just because they often convey the essence of a game better than one made of a billion polys. In either case, it’s always good when a game with such an art style looks to be doing something new and fun. Enter Children of Liberty." -Armless Octopus

"I know, most of you would say that these graphics were cool 20 years ago, I can also agree, but haven't you ever got some true nostalgia of what games used to be?" -Should be Indie

"If the writing is good, and thus the characters are likeable and their plights engaging, I think this title could definitely be worth some play time." - Game Fanatics

"These days it’s really rare to see a game with such clearly handrawn sprites, and perhaps an even rarer occurance is seeing them used in a 2D platform stealth game centered around the American Revolution." - n00b Alert


Children of Liberty is now available in Early Access! Buy Today & Get All DLC for Free!
You can purchase it from any of these fine digital retailers.


Why We Have Gone Early Access
Making games is difficult, time consuming, but incredibly fulfilling. However, the biggest reality of game development is that it is expensive. Children of Liberty has never been a properly funded game. While we could return to crowdfunding, we feel that Early Access gives us an advantage: delivering the game, to you, right now. The money isn't the important part. What's important is delivering a final game that is fun and bug free! Your feedback will help make that happen. No, the game's not finished. Yes, we still have a lot of work to do. Your belief in us will not only help us to finish the game, but by registering either your Steam or Desura keys (or both!) you will have access to all updates for the entire lifecycle of the game.

So here's what you get:

1. A Steam Code and/or Desura Code for Children of Liberty, usable immediately for Windows, Mac, and Linux
2. Lifetime updates! Alpha, Beta, Gold, and beyond.
3. Access to the Steam Community page where you can report bugs, post screenshots/videos, talk to the developers, and more!
4. Any DLC we make is yours. That's right. EARLY ACCESS BACKERS GET DLC PRO-BONO.

You may watch our Early Access Progress LIVE on Google Drive!

This Steam Early Access game is currently not a finished game and may or may not change significantly over the course of development. To learn more about Steam Early Access, please visit http://store.steampowered.com/earlyaccessfaq/

Thank you for supporting Children of Liberty!
- Dan Silvers, Lantana Games Resident Game Designer

If you need to file a bug report, please fill out this Google Form!



Children of Liberty has been in development for many years by a dedicated team of talented writers, composers, artists, directors, designers, historians, and believers.

dan Julia Smith   mattLyon Michael Winn Ricky Bryant Jr.
Dan Silvers

Team Lead, Game Design, Narrative

Julia Smith

Creative Direction, Environmental Art, Production

Brian Wang

Project Lead, Programming, Tech, Systems Design

Matthew Lyon

Level Design

Michael Winn

Character Animation, Character Portraits, Concept Art

Ricky Bryant Jr.

Character Animation, Concept Art

Brittney Lezon   chenylle dj hannah max
Brittney Lezon

Animation Cleanup, Background Art

Karen Layman

2D Art

Chenylle Mercado

Asset Artist


Davidjohn Blodgett


Hannah Hoyt


Max Meisel

Sound Design

Jon Myers Shannon Daly christine Rob Jaret Dory Codington  
Jon Myers

Voice Direction,
Narrative Assistance

Shannon Daly

Voiceover Engineer

Christine Bürki

Marketing & Community

Robert Jaret

Audio Direction, Audio Programming, Musical Composition

Dory Codington

Historical Adviser

Michelle Deleppo

Marketing & Community (2014)

Maura Wright

Character Animation, Concept Art (2009-2011)

Jess Gutierrez

Character Design (2011)

Samuel Paley

Production, Level Design (2009-2012)

Jenna Hoffstein

Level Design (2013-2014)

Yuka Ninohira

2D Art (2015)

Billy Nichols

Community Manager (2014)



Voice Cast

With the help of Reactive Studios (creators of Codename: Cygnus), Lantana Games assembled an incredible cast of voice talent from all over the game, movie, TV, and sports industries. Reactive Studios was responsible for narrative assistance, voice direction, and voice production on Children of Liberty.

Sarah Elmaleh Ashly Burch Sean Chiplock Chris Rando Geoffrey Campbell Ed Mace
Sarah Elmaleh

Ally, Margaret Gage, Dorothy Quincy

Ashly Burch


Sean Chiplock

Doug, William Dawes

Chris Rando

Joseph, David Baker, Lieutenant

Geoffrey Campbell

Paul Revere

Ed Mace

Samuel Adams

  Cyrus Nemati Caroline Murphy Chris Ciulla Billy Nichols  
Cyrus Nemati

Governor Thomas Gage

Caroline Murphy

Deborah Sampson, Barbara Baker

Chris Ciulla

John Hancock, Benjamin Church, Bartender, Redcoats

Billy Nichols

Samuel Prescott, Ruffians

  Khadeja Merenkov Brian Moyer Matthew Phillion    
Khadeja Merenkov

Penelope Knight

Brian Moyer

Lieutenant, Patriot Commander, Alan Ward, Marcus Knight

Matthew Phillion

Joseph Warren

Troy Siegfreid

William Dartmouth, John Pitcairn



Children of Liberty would not have been possible without the generous backers on our Kickstarter back in 2011! Without your help, we never would have been able to get started, or have the resources to continue to build Children of Liberty. Without further adieu, we would like to thank:

Albert Paley
Alexander Smith
Alison Paley
Amanda Willis
Andrew James
Andy Thorington
Anne Sarver
Anthony Burch
Auston Montville
Bernardo Briceño
Beth Reynolds
Bryon T Rogers
Caleb Garner
Carson Fuller
Casey Gatti
Catherine Bacon
Cathy Knights
Christine Blevins
Claude Rosen
Colin Principe
Colin Smith
Corey Rosemond
Daniel McGauley
Darius Kazemi
Darren Malley
Dave S.
David Bolton
David Edwin Meyers
Diane Pierce-Williams
Dory Silverstein

Edward Beale
Erhardt Graeff
Gabe Perry
Greta O'Brien
Gwen Murray
Ichiro Lambe
Idy Codington
Jack D. Fisher
Jared Polis
Jeff Lopes
Jeremy Fridy
João Carlos Bastos
Joe Johnston
John C
John F. Codington
Jonathon Myers
Jonnie Dredge
Judy Silverstein
Justin Busch
Justin C. Rounds
Justin Marshall
Katherine Baxter
Kayla Guyette
Ken Campbell
Kris Chickey
Kumar Daryanani
Leah Pearlstein

Louise De Vilmorin Bruce
Mark Silverstein
Matthew Fister
Matthew Hershberger
Meredith Knowles
Michael Thomét
MIT Game Lab
Nels Anderson
Peter Smith
Rasmus Durban Jahr
Rebecca Cross
Restorative Bodywork
Rob Jaret
Rolando Alvarez
Ryan Hollander
Ryan Prayogo
Sachin Shukla
Samantha Seeley
Sarinee Achavanuntakul
Scott Macmillan
Sebastian Mankowski
Shawn A. W.
Stephen Keller
Steve Dietemann
Susan Shewan
Sylvia Ripley Addison
Thomas Whitener
Troy Gilbert
Whitmore Benoit
William C. Paley
William Lyons


Many thanks to each and every one of you for keeping our dream alive!


We at Lantana Games love our fans! From the feedback to the fanart, you guys make what we do all the more rewarding. Here is some of our favorite stuff you guys have done.

destructoid gau dan & ash joseph sketch    

Destructoid Interview with Dan Silvers & Julia Smith at BostonFIG 2014

GAU Studios Interview with Dan Silvers & Billy Nichols at BostonFIG 2014

Dan Silvers & Ashly Burch at PAX East 2014

Joseph Sketch
by Brit Lzeon




josephFan Art Stamps!

We are introducing a new collectible item into Children of Liberty very soon: stamps! These stamps will be viewable in the incoming Codex menu, and we want you to be a part of them! Send in your fanart via our Steam Community to get it in the game as a collectible item!

Get Involved

Have you done something related to Children of Liberty? We want to show it off! If you'd like to get involved with the Lantana Community, send your stuff to our community manager, Billy, at bnichols at lantanagames dot com. Here are just a few things you can send us to get involved:

  • Let's Play Videos (yes, you may monetize videos of Children of Liberty!)
  • Photos of the team/cast and/or Cosplayers
  • Fan Art and Comics
  • Other films and videos
  • Tribute Games
  • Covers of the game's score and tribute songs
  • Nice Tweets, Facebook posts, or messages on our Steam Forums

So send us you're stuff and we'll put it up!

If you need to file a bug report, please fill out this Google Form!


Want to keep up to date on the latest patch notes, hints, story spoilers, and other info about Children of Liberty? Head over to our Official Wiki! We will be keeping this Wiki up-to-date as development continues. For now, the Wiki includes:

  • Characters
  • Locations

Pretty soon we'll be adding info on more characters and locations, as well as items, story detail, team and cast info, patch notes and more! Stay tuned.

Click Here to Visit the Wiki!

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"The cartoony aesthetics work almost surprisingly well in this historical, stealth-oriented platformer."

Cassandra Khaw, IndieGames

product image smartphone

Team Info

Lantana Games is an independent game development team located in Boston, MA and founded by graduates of the Savannah College of Art and Design. With a focus on artistic uniqueness and heavily refined gameplay in everything we make, we believe that if we don't love our games, neither will you. Lantana Games was founded in 2009 and is made up of a dilligent team working from their respective attics.

  • Boston Festival of Indie Games

    Learn about this amazing event which we sponsor and help develop!

  • IndieDB

    Our indieDB page is loaded with lots more info on the game and blog posts about its development. Check it out!

  • Massachusetts Digital Games Institute

    Children of Liberty is being developed with the help of students at the Massachusetts Digital Games Insitute! Come learn more about MassDigi and their other projects.


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