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1/5/2018 (Early Access)

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Early Access 8.1 (6/25/2018)

Mondrian’s back, and he’s taking his friends for a spin through the Plastic Reality. In this sequel to the award-winning Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty, you play as five great 20th Century artists – Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Hale Woodruff, Andy Warhol, Loïs Mailou Jones, and, of course, Piet Mondrian – as you uncover the lost masterpieces of the Modernist movement. Mondrian’s orbital brickbreaking gameplay returns with all new additions, and the simple but powerful Mondrian Maker level editor, allowing you to Play, Create, Paint, and Share your own levels with the world. The canvas is waiting, are you ready to explore its mysteries?

  • Explore modern art history through five character campaigns and uncover the lost Modernist masterpieces
  • Orbital brickbreaking gameplay that combines classic arcade style with modern twists
  • Build your own levels in Mondrian Maker and share them worldwide
  • Four game modes and dynamic Challenge Levels with online and local leaderboards
  • Mod support! Create your own levels, background art, tilesets, and more.

Always wanted to try your hand at level design but could never get started? Mondrian Maker is designed from the ground up to be as user-friendly as possible! Its simple drag-and-drop interface will have you building levels in seconds, the Painting tools will help you really make them your own, and the included Mini Manual and Tooltips are there to help you in case you get lost. Share your creations on Steam Workshop in just a few clicks, right from inside the game. With Mondrian Maker, we truly believe anyone can create, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Mondrian Maker Features:

  • Use multiple block shapes at any scale and rotation, and even paint them to build the level of your dreams
  • Increment the Difficulty to flip any block to different block types, including Grays, Portals, and Splitters
  • Apply different modifiers to any block per Difficulty, including Movement Shifting and Visibility Phasing
  • Build multi-level campaigns and mix-and-match Challenge settings to turn your levels into the ultimate Boss Battle
  • Test your level in-game and share it via email, social media, Steam Workshop, etc.

All owners receive Mondrian Maker free of charge, included in the game. We encourage you to build and submit levels on!

Mondrian - Plastic Reality

Mondrian - Plastic Reality Creations

Project Lead
Danny Silvers

Game Design
Danny Silvers

Malik Collier
Manning Peter
Samantha Mottsinger
Ilayda Hanci
Christine Amato
Alexis Zarrow
Devin Yang
Annie Cheng
Bridget Simms
Kim Kogut
Danny Silvers
Chenylle Mercado
Karen Layman

Mike Mancuso
Christine Amato
Madison Ridgdill
Chenylle Mercado

Level Design
Anna Hegyaljai
Hannah Rodgers
Andrew Kreckler
Manning Peter
Danny Silvers
Annie Cheng

Hannah Hoyt
Davidjohn Blodgett

Davidjohn Blodgett

Mondrian – Plastic Reality
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