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1/5/2018 (Early Access)

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Early Access 8.0 (4/12/2018)

Join Piet Mondrian and his friends as he takes them for a spin through the Plastic Reality in this followup to the award winning, 2015 modernist brick-breaker, Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty! With four different game modes, five new playable Curators, dozens of unlockable items, new background art, an expanded soundtrack, and the easy to learn Mondrian Maker level editor, exploring art history has never been more fun.


  • Choose your playstyle and play through an infinite number of levels with the help of five diverse Curators
  • Build your own levels in Mondrian Maker and share them worldwide
  • Four game modes and dynamic Challenge Levels with online and local leaderboards
  • Explore modern art history through character biographies spaced out in five dedicated campaigns
  • Gigantic soundtrack featuring an hour and a half of original hip hop, acid jazz, techno, and more

For the first time ever, you can make your own Mondrian levels are share them with friends and family! Mondrian Maker is Lantana Games’ first fully-featured level editor, only available with Mondrian – Plastic Reality. Make your own levels in mere seconds and email them to your friends or upload them somewhere for all the world to see! (Stay tuned for future news on level uploading)

Please note that Mondrian Maker levels are not compatible with the original Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty.

Mondrian - Plastic Reality

 Mondrian - Plastic Reality Creations

Project Lead
Danny Silvers

Game Design
Danny Silvers

Manning Peter
Samantha Mottsinger
Ilayda Hanci
Christine Amato
Alexis Zarrow
Devin Yang
Annie Cheng
Bridget Simms
Kim Kogut
Danny Silvers
Chenylle Mercado
Karen Layman

Christine Amato
Madison Ridgdill
Chenylle Mercado

Level Design
Anna Hegyaljai
Hannah Rodgers
Andrew Kreckler
Manning Peter
Danny Silvers
Annie Cheng

Hannah Hoyt
Davidjohn Blodgett

Davidjohn Blodgett

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Mondrian – Plastic Reality
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