Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty

Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty is a full-circle block breaking game about video game art history. Inspired by the works of the De Stijl masters’ limitations on form and color, Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty takes an abstract look at the history of video game art, through unlockable features like paddles, balls, powerups, and screen effects. The game is dynamically generated, with millions of level combinations and endless replayability.


  • Break out of the boring, vertical-only block breaking experience with 360 degree freedom of motion
  • Over 48,000,000 possible combinations in level generation
  • Collect gems to unlock goodies like paddles, balls, powerups, wall shapes, visual styles and more
  • Art packs and museum galleries based on other games for an in-depth look at video game art history
  • Play the game your way with adjustable game speeds, Night Mode, windowed resolutions, screenshake, and volume controls
  • Inspirational quotes by Piet Mondrian

Current Verison: 1.3.1 (September 21, 2016)



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  • Indie Arcade: Coast to Coast - Official Selection, 2016
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  • Indie Revolution Expo 2016 - Audience Choice Award
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Project Lead
Danny Silvers

Game Design
Danny Silvers

Danny Silvers
Chenylle Mercado
Karen Layman
Michael Winn
Joe Grabowski
Adam Grabowski
Chris Ewald

Becky Taylor

Hannah Hoyt
Davidjohn Blodgett

Davidjohn Blodgett

Special Thanks
Julia Smith
Brian Wang
Ricky Bryant Jr.
Michael Winn
Christine Bürki
Chenylle Mercado
Brittney Lezon
Matthew Lyon
Karen Layman
Max Meisel
Nick Mudry
Shawn Deprey
Justin Hammond
Colleen Wilson
Monty Sharma
Tim Loew
Scott Hyman
Jessica Holdsworth
Filipe Rolim
Rami Ismail
Adriel Wallick
Nick Gilmartin
Andy Schatz
Ichiro Lambe
Caroline Murphy
Matt Gilgenbach
DJ Powers
Chris Douglass
Matt Cangialosi
Anna Cail
Neda Kinsey
Jack Dalrymple
Edward Fry
Aerjen Tamminga
Christina Andriano
Scott Macmillan
Fiona Cherbak
Jacob Clark

Danny would like to thank all the bunnies that magically appeared near his house this Summer for providing countless hours of entertainment.

Davidjohn would like to thank friends and family for their patience and understanding.

And finally, Lantana Games would like to thank you for playing!

Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty
©2015 Lantana Games

Soundtrack Available on Steam, IndieGameStand, and

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