Press and Streamer Keys


The Rundown

Lantana Games is happy to give game keys to press, streamers, and Let’s Players free of charge. Keys are available on distribute() and keymailer, and we personally respond to key requests based on three factors:

  1. Your Reach rating on distribute() or your Rank on keymailer. You will receive a number of keys less than or equal to your Reach rating on distribute(), or you must be at least rank Silver to receive a key on keymailer.
    • Verified publications may receive a number of keys above their Reach rating.
    • Unverified publications with a Very High reach rating may not receive any keys.
    • Anyone lying about being a streamer will not receive any keys.
  2. Broadcasters sponsored by grey market key sites (G2A, Kinguin, etc.) will not receive keys for free.
  3. We also look at how active you are as a publication. If we do not see any content related to game coverage, any content related to indie games (or indie games other than Minecraft), or any activity within the last three months; or if you have an extremely low number of followers/subscribers, you will not receive any keys for free.

Click here to learn more about distribute()’s Reach ratings and Verificiation.

Click here to learn more about keymailer for Let’s Players and Streamers.

All keys distributed will be for either Steam or IndieGameStand, depending on the state of the game. Each key will access the game on all available platforms: Windows, Mac, and/or Linux.


Keys are available pre-launch, and for the first 90 days after launch (subject to change). Afterward, no keys will be distributed for free. Games in early access are considered pre-launch.

Regarding Giveaways

We are happy to give you a handful of keys for giveaways, but the above factors still apply. We may request to see your publication’s initial coverage of the game before giving more codes for giveaways.

Sound Good to You? Get Your Keys Here!

  • Children of Liberty (Windows, Mac, Linux) – distribute()
  • Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty (Windows) – Expired 12/20/2015

Approved keymailer users may search for our games up there.