Lantana Games™ is an independent game development team in Boston, MA. If we don't love our games, then neither will you.


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Current Games

Children of Liberty

Version: EX8

The Regulars are Marching! Are you ready to take on the Colonial occupying forces with nothing but the shadows and your toy collection to help you?

Early Access Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Das Sub


Get it on Google Play

Created for the "One Game a Month" challenge, Das Sub puts you at the wheel of a submarine in a dynamically generated cave. Touch the screen to go up, let go to go down. Avoid the walls and sea mines!

Moonlight: Mistress of Mischief


Current Version: 0.2
Download (Windows)

Moonlight: Mistress of Mischief is a puzzle/stealth game created by Dan Silvers for the 2012 Stealth Jam. Play as the titular character Moonlight, ransacking castles for all their treasure. Leave no survivors! Available for Windows. Mac and Linux versions will hopefully by available at a later date.


Current Version: 0.1
Download (Windows)

Simini is a small, Sim-like game created by Dan Silvers for Ludum Dare #23. It is available for Windows. ZIP includes executable and Multimedia Fusion source file.

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The Electric Playground: See the Full Episode or watch just the First Look.
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Core Elements: Listen to the Followup Podcast with Dan.


"Trust me – it’s rather cool looking." - Substance TV

PAXtravaganza 2013!: Children of Liberty - Theology Gaming

"The narrative is neat, the concept is intriguing, and the art is all the way great." - Platform Nation

"A cut above the rest." - Chocolate Lemon

PAX East 2013 - Top 5 Most Promising Indie Games - Structrue Gaming

"Gaming bliss." - 6aming

"Simple to grasp but totally works" - CraveOnline

Indie Spotlight: Sonic Fan Movie, CES and Cyberpunk 2077!! - VintageVideoGamesTV

Indie Interview: Dan Silvers of Lantana Games - Structure Gaming

Papercraft prowling: Children of Liberty is a 2D/3D stealth platformer - PC Gamer

Stealth game Children of Liberty pits kids against Redcoats in colonial America - Polygon

Gorgeous-looking 2D/3D stealth - Rock Paper Shotgun

If it manages to play even half as well as it looks I have no doubt that Children Of Liberty will be a very special game indeed. - IndieGameMag

Children of Liberty is nicely designed and a bit dark - Ignorama

It’s quite likely that you haven’t heard of Children of Liberty or Lantana Games before, but they’re worthy of attention.
- Express Bus to Hell

Top 50 Most Anticipated Games of 2013 (Honorable Mention) - IndieStatik

"The guards do not shoot you. We know that no Redcoat soldier would shoot an eight year old. That’s insane. Mainly because those muskets take forever to reload." - IndieGameMag

"An American Revolution stealth platformer is actually a thing, and it looks to be a good thing." - The Void

"The game gives us the desired 2D platforming gameplay in a 3D environment with a slick corner-turning mechanic. It’s got a fresh setting, a cool premise, and a focused visual aesthetic. It’s smart and creative." - Twenty-Sided

"Smooth animations and stealth gameplay combined with one of the most famous stories of the Revolutionary War- the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere made for an interesting experience." - Just Press Start

"If you can’t spare a few minutes out of your day for this, you hate freedom!" - Department of Electronic Entertainment

"The cartoony aesthetics work almost surprisingly well in this historical, stealth-oriented platformer." - IndieGames

"It's also full of gorgeous hand-drawn 2D, which is a big plus in my book." - Gamespy

"In its current Alpha version, Children of Liberty is already great and continuing to get better." - IndieGameMag

"The 3D turning mechanic looks great and I love the lighting effects so much it’s a shame to have to blow out my candle and skulk around in the dark." - PEGReviews

"Maybe it’s our unnatural infatuation with beautiful, hand-drawn, 2D sprites that draws us to indie games, as it’s an art style often adopted by indie developers. Or perhaps it’s just because they often convey the essence of a game better than one made of a billion polys. In either case, it’s always good when a game with such an art style looks to be doing something new and fun. Enter Children of Liberty." - Armless Octopus

"I know, most of you would say that these graphics were cool 20 years ago, I can also agree, but haven't you ever got some true nostalgia of what games used to be?" - Should be Indie

"If the writing is good, and thus the characters are likeable and their plights engaging, I think this title could definitely be worth some play time." - Game Fanatics

"These days it’s really rare to see a game with such clearly handrawn sprites, and perhaps an even rarer occurance is seeing them used in a 2D platform stealth game centered around the American Revolution." - n00b Alert