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April 18 2014 (Early Access)

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Children of Liberty is a stealth platformer for PC and Mac which retells the tale of Paul Revere’s Ride from the point of view of four kid spies for the Patriots.


On April 19, 1775, the Minutemen of Lexington confronted a group of 700 Redcoats marching to capture munitions depots stored outside the town of Boston. Thus began what is known as the American Revolutionary War. The events leading up to this battle, however, are filled with intrigue. The night before the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the Sons of Liberty received word of the Redcoats' plan to march on the munitions depot. Paul Revere, a coppersmith and infamous Patriot, was sent along with William Dawes to warn the countryside of the oncoming attack. However, only by a mysterious set of circumstances was Revere able to succeed at his mission. Children of Liberty fills in the plot holes of the tale of Paul Revere's Ride while remaining historically accurate. Play as either Joseph, the classic platformer; Ally, the nimble freerunner; Doug, the burly tank; or Sarah, the bratty eight-year old ninja, and live out the events of the hours leading up to the American Revolution. Children of Liberty blends classical 2D gameplay into a 3D world. Run, sneak, and turn your way through the streets of Colonial Boston in a stealth adventure like no other.


  • Children of Liberty features 2D gameplay in a 3D world. Run, jump, and turn along the Red Freedom Trail with smooth and responsive controls; hide, sneak, and lean around corners along the Blue Freedom Trail to gain strategic positioning against Redcoats and attack when the time is right!
  • Thousands of frames of hand drawn animation, combined with accurate-to-reality constructed environments and realtime lighting, bring the characters of Children of Liberty to life!
  • Whether you're playing as Joseph, the bratty Bostonian with a wooden sword and a double jump; or Ally with a powerful slide and a strategic wall run; or Doug with a stunning ground pound and powerful counter-attack; or Sarah with a penchant for stringing Redcoats up by their ankles via her yoyo; Children of Liberty has something for everyone!
  • Historical accuracy is at the forefront of Children of Liberty's narrative. Find Codex Pages scattered around the environment to learn more about Colonial Boston. Find other hidden goodies to increase your end-of-level grade. Did you miss something? Go back at any time and try again!


Early Access Updates YouTube

Early Access Trailer YouTube

The Voices of Boston YouTube

PAX East 2013 Gameplay Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (52MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Local Indie Game, Structure Gaming" PAX East, March 2013

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Children of Liberty Credits

Dan Silvers
Team Lead, Game Design, Narrative

Julia Smith
Creative Director, Producer, Environment Art

Brian Wang
Project Lead, Programming, Systems Design

Rob Jaret
Audio Director, Composer

Michael Winn
Character Animation, Portrait Design, Concept and Promotional Art

Ricky Bryant Jr.
Character Animation, Character Concept Art

Brittney Lezon
Animation Cleanup, Background Art

Jon Myers
Voice Direction, Narrative Assistance

Shannon Daly
Voiceover Engineer

Christine Bürki
Marketing/Community Management

Yuka Ninohira

Chenylle Mercado
2D/3D Asset Art

Karen Layman

Geoffrey Campbell
Paul Revere

Chris Rando
Joseph, Additional Roles

Sarah Elmaleh
Ally, Additional Roles

Sean Chiplock
Doug, Additional Roles

Ashly Burch

Ed Mace
Samuel Adams

Chris Ciulla
Benjamin Church, Additional Roles

Troy Siegfreid
Major Pitcairn, Additional Roles

Cyrus Nemati
Royal Governor Thomas Gage

Caroline Murphy
Additional Roles

Khadeja Merenkov
Additional Roles

Brian Moyer
Additional Roles

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