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January 5, 2018 (Early Access)



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Join Piet Mondrian and his friends as he takes them for a spin through the Plastic Reality in this followup to the award winning, 2015 modernist brick-breaker, Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty! With three different game modes, five new playable Curators, dozens of unlockable items, new background art, an expanded soundtrack, and the easy to learn Mondrian Maker level editor, exploring art history has never been more fun.


In 2015, we released Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty on Steam, IndieGameStand, and itch.io. The game went on to receive several updates, win the Audience Choice Award at the 2016 Indie Revolution Expo, and was featured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Indie Arcade. Taking what we had built, we set to work creating one of our most ambitious projects to date. Creating a cast of five playable characters, we began earnestly researching their lives and work to build out the game's story. Knowing that new content was going to be key, we created Mondrian Maker, our very first level editor, with a focus on simplicity for the community to use the editor themselves. Now, one year into development, we have released the game on itch.io in order to gather community feedback and help fund the game through the end of its development cycle, sometime in the Summer or Fall of 2018.


  • Choose your playstyle and play through an infinite number of levels with the help of five diverse Curators
  • Build your own levels in Mondrian Maker and share them worldwide
  • Four game modes and dynamic Challenge Levels with online and local leaderboards
  • Explore modern art history through character biographies spaced out in five dedicated campaigns
  • Gigantic soundtrack featuring an hour and a half of original hip hop, acid jazz, techno, and more


Mondrian - Plastic Reality January 2018 Gameplay YouTube

Mondrian - Plastic Reality EX7 Updates YouTube

Mondrian - Plastic Reality EX4 Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Mondrian - Plastic Reality Speedpaint #1 YouTube

Lantana Games Brings Mondrian to PAX East YouTube

Mondrian - Plastic Reality - First Reveal YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie of the Year - Top 100" Featured in the Top 100 games of IndieDB's 2018 Indie of the Year awards.

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Mod.io - https://mondrian.mod.io/
Check out community Creations at mod.io! Levels, background art, gem chests, mods, and more .

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Lantana Games is an independent, educational game developer in Boston, MA. We work with colleges to give students their first opportunities in the game industry, while creating games that make learning fun.

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Mondrian - Plastic Reality Credits

Danny Silvers
Game Design, Art, Programming

Hannah Hoyt

Davidjohn Blodgett
Sound, Music

Chenylle Mercado
Background Art

Karen Layman
Background Art

Devin Yang
Background Art, Asset Art

Kim Kogut
Asset Art

Lexie Zarrow
Character Art

Christine Amato
Character Art, Animation

Madison Ridgdill

Annie Cheng
Level Design

Ilayda Hanci
Background Art

Samantha Mottsinger
Asset Art

Anna Hegyaljai
Background Art, Level Design

Manning Peter
Background Art

Hannah Rodgers
Level Design

Andrew Kreckler
Level Design

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