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Support Our Studio!

Welcome to the Lantana Games’ “Support Us” page! Here you can find all the ways to support our efforts to create games that make a positive impact. All contributions will go directly toward development funds, including:

  • Marketing (namely event attendance)
  • Software Licenses
  • Web Hosting

The best way to support us via our new Ko-Fi page. Just click the button below to get taken there! Otherwise keep scrolling to learn more about our games and merch.

What Your Support Means

Lantana Games is an unfunded, independent game development studio. This means we rely on the support of our friends, family, and fans to keep us going. With your help, we can continue to bring you great games like Mondrian – Plastic Reality.

We have a few ways you can contribute to the studio! You can visit our Printify Popup for all our latest merchandise, gear, stickers, coffee mugs, and more!

You can also check our our itch.io or Steam pages for all our latest games. itch is the best way to support us directly, as we keep 90% of all revenue earned, but our games on Steam include all the bells and whistles (Achievements, Trading Cards, Steam Workshop, etc.).

If you can’t contribute directly, you can always Wishlist our games on Steam and follow us everywhere, @lantanagames, on Social Media!

Support Options


Visit our brand new Printify Popup to grab the latest Lantana Games merchandise!


Our games are available on Steam, itch.io, GameJolt, Humble, and a few other places. Check out our Games section to learn more!

Please keep in mind that getting our games from gray market sites like G2A, Kinguin, etc. does not help us as we receive zero revenue from these sites. See our Approved Distribution Partners for more info.