Good morning, everybody! Today I’m very pleased to announce that the latest update for Mondrian – Plastic Reality, 1.5.0, is now available on Steam for both Free Admission and Lifetime Pass users. This update is heavily built around improving the experience in Mondrian Maker, particularly on controllers. Nearly all – if not actually all – missing controller functionality has been accounted for, and even includes some functions not available on keyboard and mouse, such as boosting and slowing the cursor speed with the shoulder bumpers.

As well as the above additions to Mondrian Maker, we’ve added the requisite bug fixes and some new cosmetics to the Museum! See the patch notes below for more details.



  • Museum: Added new Spotlight Cosmetics
    • Porcelain: Angel, Sea Siren, Antonin the Dragon, Horse, Tortoise, and Elephant.
    • World: Anubis, Seated Monkey, Ocelot Cuauhxicalli, Resting Goat, Ocelot Warrior, Ganesh.
    • Plantlife: Areca Palm, Cristina’s Sunflowers, Rose Bush, Maidenhair Fern, Purple Orchid, Fig Tree.
    • Retro Tech: Red Phone, Typewriter, Gamething 2000, Gramophone, Daguerreotype, and Dorm TV.
  • Museum: The “Black Ornate” Wallpaper is now just “Ornate” Wallpaper and is fully paintable! If you had the Black Ornate wallpaper on already, it will still load just as it was.
  • Museum: Added “Oriented Strand Board” floor
  • Museum: Added the “Rijksmuseum Collection,” including a very fancy Wall, Floor, Columns, and Ceiling.


  • Menu: Exiting the Free Admission version of the game will no longer take you to the Steam page.
  • Museum: Made a quality improvement to the Ornate wallpaper.

Bug Fixes

  • Museum: Fixed a bug that would close the Inventory Window when Piet stepped slightly outside the edge of the room.



  • Full functionality of the Save/Open/Play windows with a controller. The D-Pad can be used to scroll up and down the level list, while the Start button can be used to instantly open a level once selected. Otherwise you can press the window’s buttons like usual with the lower face button (for instance, A on an Xbox Controller).
  • Full functionality for painting tools on controllers.
  • You can now open the context menu on a block by pressing the lower face button (A on Xbox) while the cursor is over it.
  • Full functionality of the context menu with a controller.
  • You can now free-move a block with a controller by pressing and holding the lower face button (A on Xbox) on a block.
  • Full functionality of all painting, color, and flip tools with a controller.
  • Full functionality of the mini manual with a controller.
  • Added a function to slow the cursor down on controllers. Holding down the Left Shoulder Bumper will slow the cursor.
  • Non-Steam versions of Mondrian feature a brand new Share window, with buttons that will open your Levels and Thumbnails folders, and a link to our page.
  • The Steam version has a new button in the Share window to bring you to the above page to upload your creations to
  • Added a Controller Map section to the mini manual. This map updates to match your currently selected controller layout from the Main Menu.


  • Cursor movement with a controller will now only snap to the grid when carrying a block.
  • Updated some pages of the mini manual.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused blocks to Stamp far too quickly when using a controller.
  • Fixed the “Nope” X appearing when grabbing a block with a controller.
  • Fixed a bug where using the controller D-Pad would still nudge the level if the cursor was still over the Scale or Angle arrows.
  • Fixed the Stamp cursor not appearing when using a controller.
  • Fixed snap movement with a Controller not working at all grid sizes. It also no longer skips lines or snaps at different increments depending on how you’re moving the cursor.
  • Fixed tooltips not disappearing when using a controller

This update is now available for both Free Admission and Lifetime Pass players, so make sure to update!

As an added bonus, you may have noticed a note that mentions a new button in the Share window. This button will switch you over to a brand new interface! That’s right, our page is back online. These new buttons will guide you through the relatively simple process of uploading your creations to from their website (with a teensy bit of finagling involving MS Paint and zipping a file). If you’ve been active on Steam Workshop, we’d love to see you upload your creations over there as well.

You may have also noticed we mentioned “non-Steam versions” of the game. Well, as of today, Mondrian – Plastic Reality is also available on itch.ioGameJolt, and a dedicated Humble Gamepage! Free Admission is also now available on indieDB. The itch and Humble versions also include Steam Keys. In the coming weeks and months we’ll be trickling the game out to other platforms as well, so keep an eye out and please welcome any new players to the community who show up!

Finally, as promised, the price of the game has dropped from $14.99 to $9.99 USD.

Thanks as always for your support, and for playing. Happy third anniversary! Let’s make this the best Mondrian update yet!
– Danny