Calling All Content Creators!

Have you got an awesome Youtube or Twitch channel covering the latest and greatest indie games? Awesome! We want to work with you! Whether you’re recording Let’s Plays, Reviews, Charity Streams, or any other kind of gaming content, we want you to bring Lantana Games’ titles to your audience. All you need is a distribute() account, and we’ll get you set up.

A Few Provisos

Lantana Games is happy to give game keys to press, streamers, and Let’s Players free of charge. Keys are available on distribute(), keymailer, or Woovit, and we personally respond to key requests based on three factors:

  1. Your number of Youtube followers (100 minimum) or Twitch followers (100 minimum, Affiliate or Partnered)
  2. Broadcasters sponsored by grey market key sites (G2A, Kinguin, etc.) will not receive keys for free.
  3. We also look at how active you are as a publication. If we do not see any content related to indie game coverage, any activity within the last three months, or a significant number of followers (100+), you will not receive any keys for free.

Lantana Games reserves the right to deny keys based on the above qualifications or other reasoning and/or suspicions; or update these terms at any time. If you would like to re-approach us about a giveaway after your initial coverage, we’re all ears (see below). All keys distributed will be for either Steam or, depending on the state of the game. Each key will access the game on all available platforms: Windows, Mac, and/or Linux.

A Couple of Quid Pro Quos


Keys are available pre-launch, for the first 90 days after launch (subject to change), and at special events. Afterward, keys will generally not be distributed for free except under special circumstances. Games in early access are considered pre-launch.

Regarding Giveaways

We are happy to give you a handful of keys for giveaways, but the above factors still apply. We may request to see your publication’s initial coverage of the game before sending you more codes for giveaways. We will not send you giveaway keys without previous coverage.

Our Promise

We will NEVER file takedown requests on your videos if we disagree with your opinion about our games, but neither will we share with you our recipe for immortality.

About Monetization

Monetize our games! The Monetize Form in the footer is your protection only! We fully support the right for you to stream and/or record our works. The form is entirely optional, and no data is stored on our end. You may freely monetize our games whether you received a key from us or bought a copy yourself.

Sound good? Get your keys right here!

Note: We are not supporting key distribution on keymailer at this time.

Mondrian – Plastic Reality