Children of Liberty has been updated to version EX11. Here are the patch notes for this version:

New Features

  • Added the Pause Menu. During a level, press Escape on keyboard or Start on controller to pause.
  • Added menu controls display to the menu base.
  • Added the Enter key as an additional confirmation key in menus.
  • Added the ability to go back to the splash screen from the Main Menu.
  • Added a super-idle countdown to the Main Menu (again) that takes you back to the splash screen after an idle minute.
  • Added the Feedback Focus feature to the Main Menu (again) that lets us indicate where we need the most testing.
  • Added force quit and soft reset controls (again):
  1. Force Quit
    Keyboard: Shift+Bksp+E+Esc
    XB360 Controller: RT+B+Y+Start
  2. Soft Reset
    Keyboard: Shift+Bksp+Esc
    XB360 Controller: RT+B+Start

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed controls during Splash Screen: press Escape (keyboard) to quit
  • Fixed demo-end scene images not scaling properly
  • Fixed some GUI elements not reacting to change in input type.
  • Fixed in-game controls display switching from controller to keyboard
  • Fixed moving menu being visible behind loading screen background
  • Optimized many input & menu functions

Please let us know if you experience bugs during or after pausing the game: access the bug report form by going to the game’s Main Menu and selecting “Report a Bug.” If you do write us a bug report, be very specific about what you were doing before you paused, and what you experienced after unpausing.

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