Greetings, Patriots! Children of Liberty has been updated to version EX8. This version includes new features and bug fixes.


  • GUI for controllers! If you use a controller, the in-game GUI will change to display XBox 360 controls. Coming soon: in the options menu, you can specify controller type to instead show PS4, XBox One, or Steam Controller controls!
  • New formal error tracking system; our bug report form will no longer pop up automatically when errors occur. You may still access the bug report form manually via the main menu in-game.
  • Pressing Escape during the Splash Screen or Main Menu now quits the game

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed checkpoint & tutorial text alpha
  • Fixed GUI icon for switches
  • Fixed lights w/ halo effect not being hidden properly when you’re not on their track
  • Fixed Escape key assignment; it’s now pause, not cancel
  • Turning on Blue fails a lot less now!

If you’re planning on being at PAX Prime this month, make sure to check out the panel, “Community Impact in Game Development” with our very own community manager, Billy “Qwicksilver” Nichols!

Thanks again, Patriots!

Via:: Children of Liberty News