Greetings, Patriots! Children of Liberty has been updated to version EX9. This version includes important bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Crouching now properly changes your collider height, and you can’t uncrouch where it would get you stuck (hopefully)
  • Fixed track loss when starting HopToRed on the same frame that HopToBlue ends
  • Fixed corrupted sconces in the Warehouse
  • Fixed not being able to HopToRed while close to a corner but not peeking

Fun News!

A couple weeks ago was the Boston Festival of Indie Games at MIT. If you missed it, you should make sure to go next year. Children of Liberty was on display next to our friends at IndieGameStand and Protobird Games. We had lines to play the game all day long! It was a fantastic experience as always and we made our best looking booth yet, thanks to Michelle bringing a bunch of stuff from her house. Thank you, Michelle!

On the development side of things, a LOT has been happening! We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDigi), a statewide center, designated by the Commonwealth, for academic cooperation, entrepreneurship and economic development across the Massachusetts digital and video games ecosystem. Students in MassDigi have come on board to help develop Children of Liberty. Everybody please join us in welcoming Chenylle, Yuka, and Karen to the team! The three of them will be contributing artwork to the game. On a bit of sad note, Michelle’s time with us is up, and we wish her all the best in her next endeavor. In her place, everyone say hi to Christine! Christine is joining up to help run the Community and marketing side of things. As you can see, our crew is growing, and we have devoted a lot of time to getting everyone integrated. Now that they are, things are going smoothly again, and we’re excited for what lies in store.

In more development news, we have begun work on the next iteration of the Warehouse. This new version is not only more historically accurate to what was on Long Wharf at the time, but also features better pacing to introduce players to the core mechanics of the game. This new version of the warehouse is being designed by our level builder Matt, and will be available in an upcoming update.

As usual, thank you for the incoming bug reports! We’re continuing the clean up the game in preparation for incoming content updates. Thanks to your reports, testing, and dedication (and our current analytics setup), the game is many times more stable than it was at launch. We’ll be implementing even deeper analytics over time to help pinpoint problems in the game and keep cleaning it up as we continue development into 2015.

Thank you again, Patriots, and see you in October for EX10!

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