Greetings, Patriots and Happy (early) Independence Day! Children of Liberty has been updated to version EX7. This version includes bug fixes:

  • Fixed end screen to main menu transition
  • Fixed checkpoint text position
  • Fixed some Warehouse geometry near the ceiling
  • Fixed the second Switch in the Warehouse

We would also like to update you on what we’ve been working on lately!

All Menus

We liked the new Main Menu layout so much that we took it one step further. We’re making a generic version based on a new book-style specification that will apply to all menus. We now have a generic version from which to build these, so we’ll soon have new menus for you to test, including Pause, Options, and Level Select.

Level Building: The Hideout

Everyone say hi to Matt, our new dedicated builder! We have resumed building operations, and are working on a new feature: The Hideout. The Hideout acts not only as the character and level selection hub, but also as a place for you to gather the goodies you find and NPC’s you meet throughout the game. The Hideout will be a big treehouse overlooking the city, and we’ve already started building a prototype which will be available for testing soon!


We mentioned in earlier posts that we are working on a few different parts of the GUI. Firstly, we’re adding mouse support to the keyboard GUI. Secondly, we’re reintroducing the controller GUI, with improvements: we’ll have icons for not only the Xbox 360 controller, but also the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam controllers. Our goal is to make each GUI set individually selectable from the incoming Options menu. Thirdly, we’re applying a glow effect to GUI button icons for available actions, providing you even better information on what’s happening in the game.

NPCs: Dialogue UI & Voiceover Assets

We’re hard at work picking our favorite voiceover takes for remaining characters; we are making GREAT progress on this and we can’t wait for you to hear these incredible performances! We’re also building our NPCs, and we’d like to introduce you to them in a series of short videos that will show off their sprite, portraits, voiceover, historical significance, and role in Children of Liberty. Expect the first one of these to hit by the end of July.

Improved Tutorial

We now have the tech to replace our static tutorial signs in the Warehouse with dynamic ones, which allows for a much more comprehensive tutorial. We’re currently redesigning the entire Warehouse with your feedback and this tech in mind.

AI Redesign

We mentioned in earlier posts that we have been planning to redesign the AI. The current design isn’t fully implemented: they’re missing their aerial attack, they can’t leave the red line, and what functions they do have for chasing you are currently very buggy.

Brian came up with a brand new system for enemies and combat which provides numerous advantages over the current combat system. Since the current combat gameplay is still unfinished, it makes the most sense to evaluate this new system now, before any more work gets done on the current system, to determine which system to use.

The new system would be easier to program, would be less buggy & easier to debug than what we have now, would make combat easier to perform without compromising difficulty, would provide enemy difficulty scaling opportunities, and would even provide an advantage to “stalking” your target. It’s much more feasible for us to deliver this new system, and since it is brand new, we expect it to evolve quickly and frequently.

After we finish designing the new system, we’ll get a prototype in your hands for evaluation as soon as possible. We will also be introducing a Feedback form on top of the Bug Report form so you can let us know your thoughts on all these incoming prototypes. We’ll be able to share more details about the system at a later date.

Marketing & Community

Finally, we want to introduce our new Marketing and Community assistant, Michelle! She was the one writing all the awesome jokes during the Steam Summer Sale, and while we’ll be taking it easy on those (… for now), she has already become a big help to Billy and the team. With a fresh mind on our marketing side, we want to start trying some new things to help promote the game and the community, like the NPC videos, and more behind-the-scenes stuff. We’ll also be at the Boston Festival of Indie Games in September! Make sure to get your tickets, as it is shaping up to be a fantastic show.

Don’t forget you can still partake in the Summer of Liberty Fan Art Festivities! If you want to be a part of Children of Liberty, post your COL artwork to the Steam Community and we will include it in the game as a collectible stamp! More details can be found here. When our new menu is implemented, you’ll be able to see just what those Stamps are all about.

Thanks for supporting Children of Liberty, and thanks for your patience while we build!

– Dan

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