Makersmas Week 1

Merry Makersmas, everybody! We’ve been hard at work to update our annual Makersmas celebration into something really special, so this year we’re turning it into a Community Gala. We want you to always be sharing your creativity with the world, and what better way to start off the season of lights than by showing off how Mondrian – Plastic Reality can light up your world!

Your Weekly Optional Art Prompt Is Lights!

Have you got a Razer Chroma RGB setup? Let’s see those lights in action while playing Mondrian – Plastic Reality! We want to see those beautiful, dynamic color harmonies come to life in your space. Whether it’s your mouse, keyboard, headphones, LED strips, Nanoleaf Panels, Twinkly lights, or anything else in the Chroma family, Mondrian will light it up. Set up your scene, grab your phone, and let’s see what you can do!

Haven’t got Mondrian yet? Don’t worry! The game’s Razer Chroma RGB functionality comes included with the Free Admission demo as well. Go download it!

Haven’t got or not sure if you’ve got any Razer Chroma RGB devices? Also fine! You can view a full list of Chroma compatible devices here. If you’ve got your Christmas lights up, feel free to share those too! For that matter, any other light will do: candles, wintry sunsets, whatever fits the theme. We’re all-inclusive.

How to Participate

Share your pictures or videos with the theme “Lights!” on Twitter or in the gala-submissions channel on our Discord using the hashtag #makersmas.

For every post using this hashtag, 5 points will be added to the community Gem Pool.

When you play any Quick Play mode in Mondrian – Plastic Reality (Free Admission or Lifetime Pass), or when you collect your daily Gem Gift in the Museum (Lifetime Pass only), the cumulative value of this pool will be added to your Gem Score.

Come on everyone, let’s see those lights! Thank you for playing, and once again, Merry Makersmas. Let’s make this the best one yet.

– Danny