Makersmas Week 2

Merry second week of Makersmas, everybody! So far, we’ve managed to raise the Gem Pool to 65 points! That means any time anyone completes a round in any Quick Play mode or grabs their daily Gem Bonus in the Museum, they’re gaining an extra 65 Gems too. That’s going to add up quick, so make sure to take advantage while you can! Remember that you can use #makersmas on Twitter, or in the #gala-submissions channel on our Discord to add to the pool. But now that we are on to week 2, it’s time to see what your latest prompt is.

Your Weekly Optional Art Prompt Is Camera!

Did you know Mondrian – Plastic Reality comes with its own photo mode? It’s called Mondrian Studio, and you can access it from the Mondrian Maker level editor. Open up a creation of your choice, click the Play button, and select “Open in Studio.” Then, you can stylize the creation however you want, and select “Copy to Clipboard.” Paste this image in a tweet, using #makersmas of course, or share it on Discord, to add to the Gem Pool!

If you need to brush up on how to use Mondrian Studio, we have a tutorial video you can watch.

There are also some other ways you could interpret this prompt. Maybe you want to take a screenshot of your in-game Museum. Maybe you’re actually a photographer and want to share your work with the community! What you do with it is completely up to you, and we’re excited to see what you share.

How to Participate

Share your pictures or videos with the theme “Camera!” on Twitter or in the gala-submissions channel on our Discord using the hashtag #makersmas.

For every post using this hashtag, 5 points will be added to the community Gem Pool.

When you play any Quick Play mode in Mondrian – Plastic Reality (Free Admission or Lifetime Pass), or when you collect your daily Gem Gift in the Museum (Lifetime Pass only), the cumulative value of this pool will be added to your Gem Score.

It’s time to capture those magical, holiday moments! Thank you for playing, and once again, Merry Makersmas.

– Danny