Makersmas Week 3

Merry third week of Makersmas, everybody! It’s been a busy one, as we brought the game to the MassDiGI Holiday Party and got to show off the game on Steam Deck for the first time! Although note to us: Steam Deck + Steam Controller might be a bit too much unfamiliar technology for the average player. Still, it was a great time, and if you’re joining us from there, welcome! Remember that you can use #makersmas on Twitter, or in the #gala-submissions channel on our Discord to add to the Gem pool, and gain lots of points after every round. But now that we are on to week 3, it’s time to see what your latest prompt is.

Your Weekly Optional Art Prompt Is Action!

Right in line with the party a couple days ago, it’s time to show off Mondrian – Plastic Reality in action! Maybe you’d like to upload a Let’s Play to Youtube, run a livestream on Twitch, or even get the game up and running on some unconventional platforms or in unexpected places. Share you photos, gifs, videos, gameplay, and high-octane screenshots. However you want to interpret this prompt to share your Mondrian gameplay is completely up to you.

How to Participate

Share your pictures or videos with the theme “Action!” on Twitter or in the #gala-submissions channel on our Discord using the hashtag #makersmas.

For every post using this hashtag, 5 points will be added to the community Gem Pool.

When you play any Quick Play mode in Mondrian – Plastic Reality (Free Admission or Lifetime Pass), or when you collect your daily Gem Gift in the Museum (Lifetime Pass only), the cumulative value of this pool will be added to your Gem Score.

It’s time to see how you can capture the game in action! Before we close out, we want to thank our friends at MassDiGI and Petricore Games for putting on a fantastic industry get-together the other day, and extend one last big welcome to all the new players joining us from the event. Thank you for playing, and once again, Merry Makersmas.

– Danny