Mondrian - Plastic Reality

Mondrian – Plastic Reality’s third anniversary is coming up next month, and with it will come the 1.5 update and a brand new movement called “Anniversaire Triptyque.” This latest Movement will bring some VERY important updates for Mondrian Maker, including MUCH greater controller support, even across the Save and Open menus. There will also be lots of new Museum cosmetics, and some requisite bug fixes. But most exciting of all, we will be relaunching Mondrian – Plastic Reality across a slew of new sites! So if Steam isn’t your cup of tea, read on to find out where we’ll be bringing it.

New Platforms

However, the big “feature” we’ll be pushing in 1.5 is releasing the game onto other storefronts. In the past few years, we’ve been locked into Steam because of the Steam Workshop integration. While we’re not removing Steam Workshop for Steam players, the Share window on other platforms will instead have buttons to instantly open your Levels and Thumbnails folder, and a button which links you to to share your creation. While this isn’t quite what we had in mind originally, it’s the best option for getting the game out to a wider audience after much, much delay.

Therefore, on Friday, September 22, 2023, we will be bringing Mondrian – Plastic Reality and its 3 Background Pack DLC’s to the following storefronts:

This list of platforms is just for starters and we’ll be trying to roll Mondrian – Plastic Reality out to even more platforms in the weeks and months after Version 1.5’s release. We will also note where you can redeem Steam keys for the game too!

Until the game launches on the 22nd, please make sure to Follow the game on itch and GameJolt!

If there is a specific place you’d like to see us bring the game, please send us a message on X and we’ll do what we can!

Mondrian - Plastic Reality

Price Drop

Consider this a heads-up that on September 22 as well, Mondrian – Plastic Reality – in lieu of our annual Anniversary Sale – will receive a $5 price cut to $9.99 USD. We are giving you ample warning ahead of time so that if you recently grabbed the game for its $14.99 price on Steam already, you have an opportunity to refund the game and pick it up for the lower cost. Steam has a generous policy which lets you refund a game if you’ve owned it for less than 2 weeks and have under 2 hours of play time. Visit this page for more info.

The 30% discount on the Mondrian Series Bundle will remain.

Mondrian - Plastic Reality

More to Come

We will be back in a couple weeks with the full patch notes for Mondrian – Plastic Reality 1.5 and more exciting announcements! For now please be sure to follow the game on both and GameJolt. Thank you as always for playing and we’ll see you very soon!

– Danny