The Punka Lisas are 200 unique, dynamically generated Mona Lisas. Built in Mondrian Maker & Mondrian Studio, no two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Ethereum blockchain. By using Mondrian Studio‘s proprietary color harmony technology, it is statistically impossible to be able to ever recreate a Punka Lisa 1:1.

AI upscaled to print size, with unlockable Steam keys for Mondrian – Plastic Reality, and available exclusively on OpenSea. Via OpenSea you can buy and resell Punka Lisas.

The full Punka Lisa Collection is now available! Visit our profile to view them.

Modpunks are our homage to the CryptoPunk craze on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Modpunk himself was created live on Twitch during the August 2021 GamerJibe Art Lounge, using Mondrian Maker and Mondrian Studio, with our first ever NFT sale captured during the stream! Each Modpunk features dynamically generated sunglasses within Mondrian color harmonies, and no two Modpunks are exactly alike. Currently, Modpunks feature – what else – Rose tinted glasses. 14 Modpunks remain!

Modpunks are a WYSIWYG collection, but are low-cost, making them very easily collectible and a great entry-point if you’re looking to get into the NFT space. Via OpenSea, you can buy and resell Modpunks.

Visit our profile to check availability.

The Abstraction in Beauty collection is an homage to the first Mondrian game, released back in 2015. Varying in price and quantity, each one is a unique Mondrian Studio creation exemplifying the game’s procedural color harmonies applied to the original game’s 12 levels. This is our first collection available exclusively on Tezos, at Kalamint!

Each AiB work is AI upscaled to print size. Via Kalamint, you can buy and resell Mondrian NFT’s.

Visit our profile to check availability.

The Zodiac Emblems collection is a series of 12 images with modern interpretations of each Astrological sign. Each one features a wild array of color on the emblem itself, in each Zodiac’s power colors and harmonies. Each has been intricately painted in Mondrian Maker, and is a 1 of 1, wholly unique, dynamic generation from inside Mondrian Studio. This is our second collection available exclusively on Tezos, at Kalamint!

Each Zodiac Emblem is AI upscaled to print size. Via Kalamint, you can buy and resell Mondrian NFT’s.

Visit our profile to check availability.

What is a Mondrian NFT?


Mondrian NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) are artworks stored on the Ethereum blockchain. They are unique and non-interchangeable. Each one is created by using the Mondrian Maker level editor and stylized in the Mondrian Studio design suite. They are then AI upscaled into print size, given individual text properties, and uploaded to OpenSea – sometimes alongside unlockable Steam keys or other bonus goodies – to create the full NFT.

What Do They Cost?

The fiat price of any given Mondrian NFT depends on the trading value of Ethereum or Tezos. Currently, our pieces trade between Ξ0.01 and Ξ0.02, or ꜩ1 and ꜩ10, making them generally affordable for all collectors.

How Do I Get One?

First, set up an account on OpenSea or Kalamint. Then, set up an Ethereum or Tezos Wallet using any of their approved services. Purchase some Ethereum or Tezos to add to your wallet, and finally, buy the Mondrian NFT of your choice!

You can learn more about OpenSea at OpenSea’s Beginners Guide.

Can I Make Mondrian NFTs Too?

Absolutely! And you won’t owe us anything when you do, just let us know if you do and we’ll be happy to promote it. You’re free to use Mondrian Maker, Mondrian Studio, and any other third party tools you want to make your art.

Can I Mint NFT’s Directly from Mondrian – Plastic Reality?

No, but if you want the ability to do this, please let us know!

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