Mondrian – Plastic Reality is one step closer to winning Indie of the Year at indieDB! Thanks to everyone in our community (even you!) stepping up big league, we managed to garner enough votes to be included in the IotY Top 100. This is a gigantic step, but now we need you once again. The grand prize awaits!

Step 1

Visit the Indie of the Year Top 100 page and vote for Mondrian – Plastic Reality! That link should open right up to the game, but if it doesn’t, you can find it under the “Educational” section.

Step 2

Spread the word! Use the social media buttons under the Vote button to share the game on Twitter, Facebook, and reddit. Let your Discord communities know, email friends and family, do whatever it takes!

Step 3

Legally we can’t bribe you to vote. HOWEVER, if we win, we promise there will be a big celebration! This will include a lot of awesome stuff, especially since we’re closing in on the first anniversary of the game’s Early Access launch, so you’re all invited to join us. Can’t say more than that right now because we haven’t won yet, but what have you got to lose by clicking Vote?

Winter Update

Just a quick note: we have not forgotten about EX7.1! It is on the way and we’ll let you know when it’s cooked and ready. Should be pretty soon. We’ll also be doing a retrospective blog post on how the game has grown in Early Access within the next month or so. Be sure to keep an eye out for that! Finally, we’re about ready to bring on the Winter 2019 team, but we still have lots of internship openings, especially for Programmers and Sound Designers. If you’re a college student looking to get your first experience in the game industry, visit our Openings page to learn more.

As always, thank you all so much for your continued support and for playing! We couldn’t have made it this far without you, and now we just have a little further to go. Let’s make this happen and win the Indie of the Year award!

– Danny