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1.5.3 (5/20/2024)

Explore the colorful world of the Canvas in a mind-bending, block breaking experience. Spin your paddle around fields of artistic creations with dynamically generated challenges to unleash the treasures hidden within. Compete against the world in multiple game modes, create your own masterpieces using the Mondrian Maker level editor, and gather Gems to build a magnificent Art Museum. Immerse yourself in an arcade experience like no other, with Razer Chroma™ RGB integration, and an all original, lively soundtrack. Mondrian – Plastic Reality is jam-packed with one hundred levels, and hundreds more from the community are just a click away! The Canvas is waiting.


  • Accelerate your paddle clockwise and counter-clockwise in a mind-bending, innovative twist on classic arcade gameplay.
  • Never play the same exact level twice as dynamically generated challenges and visuals modify every handmade creation from the ground up.
  • Express yourself with the Mondrian Maker level editor and Mondrian Studio photo mode, both included with the game!
  • Compete with your friends in multiple game modes and Leaderboard types, from high scores to best times, and live event-based challenges.
  • Award-winning accessibility options including game speed, difficulty, multiple controller UI’s, night mode, and more.

Mondrian - Plastic Reality

Game Director
Danny Silvers

Level & Game Design
Danny Silvers
Hannah Rodgers
Anna Hegyaljai
Andrew Kreckler
Manning Peter
Annie Cheng
Brian Wang

Art and Animation
Christine Amato
Anne Higgins
Ilayda Hanci
Siana DiGregorio
Haley Hien
Hayden Fitt
Veronica Funk
Ashley Murphy
Anna Hegyaljai
Malik Collier
Mike Mancuso
Manning Peter
Kim Kogut
Karen Layman
Chenylle Mercado
Samantha Mottsinger
Madison Ridgdill
Danny Silvers
Bridget Simms
Devin Yang
Alexis Zarrow

Danny Silvers
Tim Graupmann

Maxime Engel
Hannah Hoyt
Davidjohn Blodgett

Maxime Engel
Steven Blevins
Davidjohn Blodgett

Stacia Legacie

Mondrian – Plastic Reality
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