Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty, our award-winning art history brickbreaker from 2015, has returned to GoGoBundle for one amazing deal! It’s packed in with a bunch of great games, soundtracks, and some DLC, including:

  • Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty: OST
  • Paddle Battle
  • FreeFly Burning
  • Remnants of a Beautiful Day
  • Spheroid
  • Interstellar Logistics Inc
  • Breakout Invaders
  • Abrix the robot
  • Abrix the robot – rooms with lasers DLC
  • Abrix the robot – rooms with bombs DLC
  • Abrix the robot – bonus soundtrack DLC

But here is the best part. We’ve worked directly with GoGoBundle to also include DRM-free keys for Mondrian! This means when you pick up this bundle for just $0.99, you’ll be able to get 30% off Mondrian – Plastic Reality Early Access and the all new Mondrian Maker level editor! Once you have your itch key for Abstraction in Beauty from GoGoBundle, head on over to to grab Plastic Reality for just $10.49:

We’re very excited to bring you this deal and hope you’ll not only get in on it, but start making some Mondrian levels of your own for us to check out (and we’ll help promote them too). As always, thank you for playing!

– Danny