Chenylle Mercado from MassDigi Joins Lantana


This week we’re welcoming aboard a new team member, Chenylle! Chenylle has just graduated from Becker College, and was an intern for Children of Liberty via MassDiGi, the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute.

She is now a full member of our team and she’ll be continuing work on 2D sprites and surface textures for Children of Liberty. She’s already submitted a lot of amazing work that you’ll be seeing all throughout the game, and we’re really looking forward to working with her more.

Next semester, we’ll be getting a few more interns signed onto the project for some other type of task, and we’re excited to see who’s next! MassDigi is also working with several other indie games in development around the area, like our friends at Dejobaan Games, whose game Elegy for a Dead World was just released on Steam. Make sure to check it and all their other games out, many of which are currently part of the Steam Holiday Sale!