What Are Perennials?

/pəˈrɛnɪəl/ (adj.)

  1. lasting throughout the year or through many years
  2. everlasting; perpetual

Lantana Games’ mission is to help students of game development achieve their dreams by training them for studio environments. Now, we are happy to offer marketing and distribution assistance on student games from our partnered schools and beyond. We are here to give you the opportunities we never had growing up, getting you on the right track to having a great career in game development.

Publishing Benefits


  • moonlight_webDistribution at Major PC Portals, including Steam, itch.io, Humble, IndieGameStand, and in-person sales via Square.

  • 80/20 split on all revenue in your favor.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing via Twitch, Youtube, and our very own, internal press list.

  • Marketing Materials including screenshots, trailers, presskit(), and distribute() setup.

  • QA and a Little Spitshine, with the goal of helping you polish up your game beyond what you could do yourself.

  • Be a Part of Lantana’s Community, including Boston Indies, schools, parents, teachers, and over 2000 gamers worldwide.



What We’re Looking For

What kinds of individuals and teams are we looking to bring into the Lantana Games family?

  • Students! Graduate, college, high school, or even younger, we want to see what you’ve got.

  • Recent Graduates! Are you just recently out of college and looking to get your first game to market? Let’s chat.

  • Teachers! No matter what grade you teach, from elementary school through graduate programs, if your students have made a game that deserves exposure and players,  we are happy to help make that happen.

Well, that covers just about everyone, but what kind of games? Lantana Games is an educational developer, but don’t let that stop you! We want our Perennials to run the gamut from educational to competitive, but no matter what, we are looking for games that leave some kind of positive influence on the player. If you think you have a game that does just that, you should let us help you tell the world about it.


How to Apply

Right. So you’ve got a game, and you want it to be a Perennial. You’re on the right track! Now comes the part where you send us some info, and YOU MUST DO SO OVER TWITTER.

Pitch your game to @startblooming in a tweet, and include a gameplay video.

Click the link above to jump to a premade Tweet to help you pitch your game (but feel free to change it!). Video included, you will have ~100 characters to describe your game. You must also follow the @startblooming and @lantanagames Twitter accounts! If we like what you have going on, we will DM you a follow-up, and we’ll likely want to chat with you and your team over Skype. For that call, get ready to screen-share some of what you’re working on in-engine, in Photoshop, in Blender… whatever you’re using to make the game. We need to know you’re passionate about what you’re doing.

Before we chat, give some thought to how you’d answer these questions:

  1. Who are you and your team and what makes you special?

  2. What is your game and what makes it stand out?

  3. Who is your target audience and why will they love what you’ve made?

  4. How would you like to distribute the game, what kinds of sales/bundles do you want to partake in, and how much will you charge for your game?

Remember, this program is for STUDENT GAMES ONLY! If you are a more professional indie and looking for a publishing deal, we’re happy to point you in the right direction, but we are not the partner you’re looking for. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us on Twitter, @lantanagames or @startblooming.

Think you have what it takes? Click Here to Become a Perennial today and start blooming.