April was a crazy month here at Lantana Games. Between PAX and getting things ready for the incoming Summer team, the month was nonstop. Luckily, #screenshotSaturday did an excellent job summarizing what we were up to! So let’s dive on in.

April 7, 2018

This screenshot from Mondrian – Plastic Reality lined up with us displaying the game on the show floor of PAX East! We were at Playcrafting’s booth, and we had an excellent time showing off the game over the course of the weekend. This particular screenshot actually includes a few secrets. For one, you’ll notice some hexagon blocks overlapping others on the sides of the level. Anyone familiar with the Darthex level knows that those blocks don’t normally overlap, and in fact, this screenshot is showing off Shifting mods in action! We made a lot of level changes in the latest update, adding in mods and different block types at higher difficulties, so we hope you’re prepared for an unforgettable challenge.

April 14, 2018

In the latest State of the Game blog post, we mentioned how a lot of effort has been going into optimizing much of the old geometry. This screenshot from Unity 2018 shows just that, including some revamps to the barn, an incoming improved house, and a new example house we built for our incoming Level Building team.

April 21, 2018

The house from the previous screenshot all fixed up with some new details added, particularly window sprites. The interior has also received the usual wallpaper treatment, with lots of detailing on the way this summer.

April 28, 2018

For April’s final screenshot, we did something a little different. This house we’re cleaning up has become a brick house, with a different bonding pattern on each side; all walls are using a basic white paint texture; windows are transparent instead of blacked out; and Polybrush has been used to paint in grass and rock sprites in front. Via this particular house cleanup, we’ve solidified the workflow for getting clean geometry cutouts in our houses for windows and doors.

May Preview

More behind-the-scenes screenshots are in store for May, as we import loads of new assets, keep cleaning up geometry, and get ready for the incoming Summer team in a couple weeks. There will likely also be some sprinklings of Mondrian – Plastic Reality, but Children of Liberty definitely remains the focus.

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– Danny