Still at it! February had some great posts for #ScreenshotSaturday as we continued to build out and texture various areas in Children of Liberty. We also had our first post for Mondrian – Plastic Reality! Let’s take a look and dive into what we showed off.

February 3, 2018

The first screenshot from February was of a barn in Lexington. Rotating the house siding texture, upping the UV scale, and coloring it red gives the barn a classic look. In the background, you can also see some low-poly, modular terrain! This terrain is custom-built to provide bumps, hills, mountains, and cliffs to levels while having minimum impact on performance. Some trees, bushes, and grass sprites were also scattered around for good measure.

February 10, 2018

For this week’s screenshot, we put together a small reading nook in a house in Lexington. This nook shows off a new, small clock sprite; as well as another style of fireplace grate; and a previously unseen landscape painting! We also built a new 3D book model which comes in several different colors. We’ll be adding spine detailing to the books at some point in the future to, as usual, up the variety.

February 17, 2018

The final Children of Liberty screenshot from February shows just easily we can switch between different wallpaper textures. Currently, we have 9 different wallpapers to choose from, and just by adding in some simple separators (be there horizontal strips of wood, pillars, or entirely different floors) we can switch between them naturally and define each room of a house. This screenshot also includes a flower pot with, if you look closely, a lovely little daffodil sticking out of it. This screenshot and the last one also includes a very useful new texture, WhiteStone, which we’ve been using to replace our WhiteWood texture in places that require drywall, stone sculpting, or other architectural surfaces.

February 24, 2018

The first #ScreenshotSaturday showing off Mondrian Maker! In this screenshot, we’re demonstrating the editor’s brand new “Snap to Grid” system, which gives makers expert control over the layouts of their creations. The grid can be toggled on or off; with snap toggled on or off; and the grid size can even be changed between 10, 20, 30, or 40 pixels. The entire system makes level creation that much easier, and combined with stamp mode, you can put a complex level together and start playing it in just a couple minutes!

March Preview

The February #ScreenshotSaturday posts are fairly bittersweet, as this is the last time we’ll be showing off screenshots from Children of Liberty… in Unity 4. That’s right. We’ve upgraded the project into Unity 2018, and we’re pulling out all the stops, throwing in all the bells and whistles, and plan to kick everything visually up to 11. We’ll be showing off the first results within the next couple weeks, so the March #ScreenshotSaturday posts are shaping up to be pretty memorable. Make sure to follow our Instagram for the latest!

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– Danny