#ScreenshotSaturday is one of the cornerstones of indie game marketing on social media. It is a great hashtag for showing off what’s going on with your game, and can lead to new followers throughout the game industry and anybody interested in indie games in general. We’ve been partaking in #ScreenshotSaturday for years, and now, finally, we’re going to start recapping what we’ve actually posted each month!

Now we make our #ScreenshotSaturday posts to Instagram, and automatically bounce those images to our other social networks. However, since Instagram posts are fairly low-resolution, these Recap posts are a GREAT opportunity for us to post the full HD images for your viewing pleasure! So without further adieu, let’s take a look at some screenshots.

January 6, 2018

What made January stand out for #ScreenshotSaturday was that we had a mix of in-game and behind-the-scenes shots. It’s always fun when we get to show off what’s going on in Unity itself. In this first shot, we’re taking a look at the interior of the Green Dragon tavern, and updates to the lighting and textures. One of the big improvements we made last year was working on a big batch of new brick textures, using different brick bonding patterns, and if you look closely, you can see two different bonding patterns, one on each wall.

This screenshot, with the lighting off, shows the bonding patterns in more detail. It also demonstrates some of the food, dish, and utensil sprites we’ve created for the game, as well as the brand new fireplace animation.

This screenshot shows one of the many houses we’ve built. Thanks to smart use of grayscale textures, we can make houses (and the elements of each house like windows and shudders) any color we like, keeping the visual variety level high throughout the entire game.

January 20, 2018

This is a brand new area we’ve begun building out for Children of Liberty. What we’re looking at here is an underground tunnel/sewer system leading up to the Boston Gaol (jail). This area is actually built via modular chunks. Some just have two paths, some have bridges connecting those paths, some have walls blocking the paths, and some even have smaller tunnels connecting two tunnels together. Our plan is to build out this underground area using these modular pieces, and then add stealth and minor platforming elements throughout them.

January 27, 2018

Once again, we’re back in the Green Dragon, but this time demonstrating some brand new paintings by our new artist, Ilayda! Ilayda has been hard at work producing paintings to fit into frame sprites, primarily landscapes and seascapes. These are just a few of the paintings she has produced so far, and we’ll be showing off more of them during February.

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– Danny