June’s #screenshotSaturday posts focused primarily on behind the scenes looks at what the team has been up to with Children of Liberty. The cleanup continues, and is going great! Since it was a long month, we started AND ended with Mondrian screenshots to show off some of the new features in EX4. Let’s take a look at these in beautiful high definition.

June 2, 2018

June’s first Mondrian – Plastic Reality screenshot showcased a new color scheme feature we brought into the game for EX4 – analogous colors. Analogous refers to colors of a certain hue warmer and a certain hue cooler from a specified color. Creating this kind of scheme opens Mondrian levels up to a near-infinite amount of color variety. This screenshot also shows off new Sophie Taeuber-Arp inspired art by our artist Anna, and announced a revamp to particle effects code, which brought back individual block pop shapes for every kind of block.

June 9, 2018

This behind-the-scenes screenshot from Children of Liberty shows some new additions we’re making to the game. In particular, we are exploring avenues for modular assets, in order to quickly replace parts and colors of individual models in the game. One of the first experiments we are doing for this is on wagons, for which we’ve recreated our wagon model (now also in individual pieces to be more easily animated later on). We plan to look into some of the incoming improvements in Unity 2018.2 to assist with this.

June 16, 2018

Here is a screenshot showing off some more of the improvements we’ve made to architectural geometry. In particular, we are now creating our windows using smart edge-looping & bridging, rather than constructing walls out of multiple blocks to make them fit. This has sped the process up greatly, with even more speed improvements on the way that we can’t go into just yet, but stay tuned!

June 23, 2018

This before & after comparison shows the level of detail we’re going into to make sure the world is built correctly, lit correctly, and textured accurately. This house had all manner of problems, and now things are loading and running much more efficiently thanks to a great cleanup effort!

June 30, 2018

One last Mondrian screenshot for the month, again showing analogous colors, but this time with a single-color background, this time on a classic Mondrian level, Shuristar! All the original levels from Abstraction in Beauty are in Plastic Reality, but thanks to Mondrian Maker, we have already doubled the amount of content from the first game and then some. If you want to make your own levels & check out the massive number of improvements we’ve made to the original game, stop by itch.io & pick up a copy!

July Preview

Our goal for July is to show even more in-game stuff, with maybe some behind-the-scenes for good measure. With everything going in and how quickly progress is being made, however, we might as well show what it looks like when it all comes together! Make sure to follow our Instagram for the latest #screenshotsaturday posts. As always, if you’d like to support Lantana Games, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Children of Liberty Early AccessMondrian – Abstraction in Beauty, or the newly released Mondrian – Plastic Reality Early Access on Steam or itch.io. You can also grab a t-shirt, coffee mug, notebook, poster, or whatever else you’d like at our Redbubble Shop! Every little bit helps!

– Danny