Exciting news friends! We have been invited to be a part of Playcrafting’s PAX East 2018 booth, joining several other developers in the process, and we need your help to make it happen. We will be bringing Mondrian – Plastic Reality to the show floor for one day only, and in order to make this happen, we need to raise $600.

This got us thinking: we’ve got games, and we’ve got a great community. What would happen if instead of opening up a Kickstarter, we gave you access to some Donation options, along with monthly, exclusive goodies, and gave you the chance to support Lantana Games in different ways to help us achieve more short-term goals?

Presenting our new Support Us page! When you go here, you’ll see what our current campaign is, along with many different ways to show your support, including Donation Buttons, limited edition merch, and links to any ongoing sales, bundles, or other methods of supporting the team (games, coffee mugs, etc.). The limited edition merch will be rotating month to month, and once it’s gone. As usual, the pieces are designed by our talented student artists, with this month’s Hale Woodruff shirt being designed by Ilayda!

We hope you’ll help us bring Mondrian – Plastic Reality to PAX East! Check the Support Us page for more details (also available under the Community tab up top).

– Danny