Lantana Games is proud to announce a new partnership with SurvRAM, a Digital Rights Management company and the industry leader in consumer protection, piracy prevention, and incomprehension. Their SurvRAM 7 software will be included with all Lantana Games titles, past and present, going forward. SurvRAM offers our customers a whole new way of protecting their games and totally won’t install any malware to your computer or anything. Really!

Starting April 1, when you launch Children of Liberty Early Access or Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty, you’ll be greeted with SurvRAM’s user-friendly interface for validating your games. SurvRAM uses a convenient 2FA check to make sure you’re not a pirate by running both an online validation in the software itself, and also by sending you an Authy code or text message. You only need to do this once an hour, so SurvRAM will barely seem like it’s getting in the way!

Going to be out of WiFi range for a while? No problem! SurvRAM offers a convenient in-app store to purchase offline validations in bulk, or permanent validations per game. Offline validations are an affordable way to keep playing your game, and are good for 24 hours from the moment they’re used. We promise you, the whole process is as smooth as butter!

With SurvRAM’s dedication to developing a high quality, stable product that that won’t spam your address book about free Steam gift cards (their words) we know you’ll love the extra layers of security and inconvenience that SurvRAM 7 will bring to all our games, from now until APRIL FOOLS’!!!

– Danny