Teaching Studio

Lantana Games is dedicated to being a studio where young developers can come to learn about game development while making games for commercial platforms like PC, mobile, and VR. Our focus is on educational and kids’ games. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make games, and be a part of a passionate team, Lantana Games is the place to do it.

Join the Team

These are schools that have worked with Lantana Games in the past. We have good relationships with these schools and their students have proven to be especially talented and motivated. Our current schools include:

  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Northeastern University
  • Becker College
  • Lasell College

Don’t see your school on this list? We can change that! Get in touch and we’ll be happy to reach out.

The tech industry is deadly waters if you don’t know how to swim. We pride ourselves on being the kinds of mentors you need to make it big in games, tech, and entertainment. If you have a serious interest in game development, art, education, and/or kid’s entertainment, you should think about getting in touch.

As a young developer, you’ll get the chance to have hands-on experience and education with tools, software, and techniques of the game industry that you otherwise might not get. As a veteran mentor, you’ll have the chance to teach these skills to young developers, as well as create educational content for the web, contribute to Lantana’s game development pipeline, make fun games, and take on an even greater development role in a low stress, inclusive, and fun environment!

Members of the Lantana Games team, young and veteran, get access to all kinds of goodies including:

  • Immediate credit in the game
  • Codes to playable build of current and past games
  • Access to research materials and resources
  • Integration into Lantana Games projects and project management
  • Invitations to team field trips for research and for fun
  • Exhibitor passes to help man our booths at trade shows such as PAX East and BostonFIG

Unfortunately we can’t bring everybody on board, much as we wish we could! Keep an eye on the Openings section of our About page and at your school’s job board to see if you’re who we’re looking for.