Greetings, fellow art enthusiasts! It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the Impressionism Background Art Pack for Mondrian – Plastic Reality, now available on Steam. This exquisite pack includes 10 intricately-crafted backgrounds, each inspired by the iconic Impressionist art movement. The attention to detail is truly remarkable – from the vivid colors and playful brushstrokes to the subtle texture and light effects, these backgrounds are a feast for the eyes.

The full list of backgrounds is:

  • Canal at Night
  • Desert
  • Empty Nightclub
  • Flooded Bridge
  • Foggy City
  • Fountain in the Rain
  • Metropolis
  • Mountain Sunset
  • Train Platform
  • Winter Village

What’s more, each background comes in two versions – Full-Color and Grayscale – ensuring they can be seamlessly integrated into your game and Mondrian Studio creations, regardless of the color mode. We at Lantana Games have gone above and beyond to deliver a stunning DLC that will delight and inspire creators of all skill levels.

You can grab the DLC here:

Or for 30% off as part of the Mondrian Series Bundle here:

In addition, the latest update to the game (version 1.4.8) includes new graphics for Quick Play game modes, Main Menu optimizations, and a new “Install Owned DLC” function in the Options menu. With just a click of a button, you can easily install the Impressionism Background Pack DLC to your game’s Data folder.

Patch Notes


  • Main Menu: Added a function for Installing Owned DLC (under Options).


  • Main Menu: Updated the look, size, and style of all Quick Play graphics
  • Main Menu: Made some minor optimizations to the Main Menu

Bug Fixes

  • Maker: Fixed unpainted blocks having no color when opening a level

Whether you are an art connoisseur or simply looking to add some artistic flair to your game, we highly recommend checking out the Impressionism Background Art Pack for Mondrian – Plastic Reality. And if Impressionism is not your preferred style, fret not – we at Lantana Games are promising more exciting updates in the very near future. Be sure to stay tuned and join the creative community on Discord for all the latest news and updates.

Thank you for playing!
– Danny