Alright. We all know whatsup, and if you somehow don’t, please let us know what rock you’re living under and we’ll bring snacks. While plenty of game industry events have been getting canceled, suddenly there are multiple digital events springing up, and these are ending up right inside Lantana’s budget, while ALSO saving on travel costs. Knowing this, we’re excited to announce our presence at the first two of what will hopefully be many digital events for the Spring and Summer. If you’d like to catch up with the crew and check out the latest updates to Mondrian – Plastic Reality, you should look into logging on to some of these!

Global Game Night, Made in Boston Edition

April 22, 5:00pm

Lantana Games is teaming up with Playcrafting once again to be a part of their upcoming Global Game Night stream! We’ll be demoing Mondrian, taking questions, and there may even be some giveaways. Sign up at their Eventbrite. Hope to see you there!

Game Developer’s Carnival

May 11-12, Your World

Game Developers Carnival is a fully virtual gaming industry event that gives video game professionals a fun, interactive way to see the latest in gaming and access high-value networking opportunities from their home or office, all while supporting the GDC Relief Fund.

Not only are we bringing Mondrian – Plastic Reality to the Game Developer’s Carnival, but we’ve got our own booth! The event is being held in a sandbox game called Your World, and the crew at XSolla has been amazingly helpful in getting our booth set up for the show! This is going to be a great time and we can’t wait to see you there.

So that’s one event this week, and one in May. We also potentially have something lined up for June, but expect a separate announcement about that in the next few days, and of course we’re keeping an eye out for others we can attend over the Summer. In the meantime don’t forget to Wishlist the game on Steam and join our Discord community! Looking forward to seeing you at Global Game Night and the Game Developer’s Carnival.

– Danny