Greetings, Patriots! Just a quick update this week to let you know that with school back in session we are putting things back in gear! We have a new MassDigi student joining the team, Max, who will be helping us with sound! Karen is also returning, and among her usual art duties, she will be taking on a new Student Producer role, and she’ll be in charge of the student crew.

Speaking of MassDigi, we’ll be at the upcoming MassDigi Game Challenge on February 6 and 7 at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge. We’ll be showing off new videos we’re working on, including an EX12 trailer, flythroughs of our work-in-progress levels, and we’ll have codes and posters available. If you’re planning on coming to the Game Challenge, stop on by and say hi!

Back soon with more news, Patriots!

Via:: Children of Liberty News