Hello everyone! Today’s update is a very quick one with Main Menu fixes and improvements. A lot of these adjustments are based on Steam Deck feedback we’ve received and have seen in-person. See the patch notes below for details.

Into the Fire

After a long break away from real events, we finally brought Mondrian to MassDiGi’s Made in MA party at PAX East! The reception was fantastic and it was tough to even pry the controller away from players’ hands. Time Attack was the exclusive game mode for the show, and it resulted in some pretty interesting stats!

  • The most popular difficulty by far was Relaxing, with >10 entries! Easy came in second with 6 entries, and Medium in third with just 2 entries.
    Nobody recorded a score for Hard.
  • The Mean survival time for Relaxing was 91.2 seconds, with a Median of 84 seconds
  • The Mean survival time for Easy was ALSO 91.2 seconds, with a Median of 100 seconds
  • The overall Mean survival time was 87.9 seconds, with a Median of 84 seconds

Keep in mind, when you start a game of Time Attack, the timer is set to 60 seconds. This means players were quick enough to pick up on the game’s mechanics to survive another 27-31 seconds on average after just a round or two!

It was an excellent time showing off Time Attack to the crowd, and hopefully we can bring the game to more in-person events over the Summer.

Patch Notes


  • Main Menu: Added directional keyboard controls (A/D + Up/Down) for Exit popup


  • Main Menu: Removed tooltip text from Exit popup

Bug Fixes

  • Main Menu: Fixed D-Pad scrolling on Main Menu
  • Main Menu: Fixed a bug that would freeze the game on attempting to download Workshop items when Steam was connected but WiFi was not
  • Main Menu: Fixed cursor style behavior on Exit popup

This May, as always, is shaping up to be a busy one, so expect some more updates, event news, and even a look back at the first year of Mondrian Studio!

Stay creative, and thank you for playing.

– Danny