Hello, friends! As we’re now deep into Summer, it’s time Lantana returned to our decade-long tradition of bringing our games anywhere and everywhere we can without (much) fear of being snowed on in the process. However, with real events still few and far between, we’ll be continuing to bring Mondrian – Plastic Reality to digital events, running Mondrian Maker demos, and even reviving our old Twitch page. Our next few events will be on a new platform called GamerJibe, and you can learn more about the shows where you’ll find a Mondrian booth right here.

Art Lounge – July 16-30

GJ Art Lounge is a dedicated meeting space hosted by Gamerjibe showcasing creatives around the world, their projects, and ways to get involved. We are family-friendly and our vendors include a variety of artists, art styles, artist resources, creative job opportunities, and more!

Lantana Games is proud and excited to bring Mondrian – Plastic Reality to the Art Lounge this month. We can’t wait to showcase what the game is all about to a community of creative gamers. Visit the event Here!

Making a Mondrian
On Thursday, July 22 at 3pm Eastern Time, we’ll be giving a demonstration on making a level in Mondrian Maker, a thumbnail of that level in Mondrian Studio, and uploading it to Steam Workshop, all in under an hour! Bring your imaginations, sketchbooks, and questions because this is going to be a lot of fun.

Big August

While it’s still a couple weeks too early to say anything specific, let’s just say August is shaping up to be an absolutely wild month. On top of potential other digital events, we have some big announcements in the works. We’re beginning some new initiatives with Mondrian that we’re super excited about, and it won’t be long until we’re able to share all the details! In the meantime, our most exciting announcement is that we are…

Reviving our Twitch

A few months ago, we ran a collaborative giveaway with Smart Egg and their board game Mondrian Blocks. Thanks to that giveaway, our Twitch channel exploded and pushed us into Affiliate territory. While we’re not officially Affiliate yet, we’d be remiss to not start streaming lots of content on our Twitch page, from our own games, to other indie games, to podcasty conversations with other developers. While we’re still finalizing our schedule, we intend to have a varied structure and we will be good to go very soon. We have lots of shows in the works, including:

  • The Talkive: An archive of convention talks from the last couple of years. These cover topics from retro gaming to fostering creative communities.
  • Mondrian Mondays: Time set aside for playing Mondrian – Plastic Reality and especially new user generated content!
  • Indie Time: We check out some new, unknown, under-streamed indie games!
  • Sea of Thursdays: WE LOVE SEA OF THIEVES! Plus the title is too good to pass up. Join us and our friends for some adventures on the high seas.
  • Friday Morning Bean: Our weekly talk show where we’ll be discussing the latest industry news, internal development news, and chatting with fellow game developers over a nice cup of coffee!
  • Development Streams: Everybody on the team will be welcome to stream development of the latest assets, music, and code they’re working on.

Make sure to follow us on Twitch to not a miss a minute when we go live!

August is just around the corner and big things are in store! When the announcement hits, you’ll know. In the meantime, come visit us at the GJ Art Lounge, follow us on Twitch, and stay tuned!

– Danny