Well LantanaFam, Version 6.0 of our website has officially arrived! As we jump into our eighth year, we wanted to deliver a cleaner, faster-loading, and more on-brand homepage for everyone. In terms of actual content, what you will find here is identical to what we had before, but with several major improvements:

  • Lighter Branding: We have updated our branding to be more colorful and modern, and matched the site to our new color scheme. Readability and simplicity were key in designing the new site.
  • Mobile Friendliness: The whole site has been pre-cached in an effort to greatly improve load times on both desktop and mobile. Certain elements of the site are also controlled differently or turned off on the mobile page to make it as mobile-friendly as possible.
  • Game Pages: Game pages are now laid out in a clean manner, with small galleries, clear info, and easy-to-find links. Scrolling credits are still included!
  • Openings: Team Openings are now listed in a convenient Toggle Box.
  • Content Creators: The “Press and Streamer Keys” page has been renamed to “Content Creators” and moved from the footer to under Community. Key access has also been placed into a convenient Toggle Box.

This new layout is also going to make things a lot easier to add new content, blog posts, and pages, so keep an eye out for more goodies coming soon!

2017 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Lantana Games and this new site is just the start. Stay tuned, we promise there’s a lot in store.

– Danny