Greetings, Patriots! Children of Liberty has been updated to version EX5. In this version are new bug fixes.

  • Fixed another bad checkpoint
  • Fixed two causes of Joseph ending up off track
  • Fixed some objects not hiding when viewed some certain angles
  • Adjusting tutorial obstacles in anticipation of new dynamic tutorial signs for a more in-depth and better-paced tutorial
  • Another fix to main menu controls
  • More bug tracking; thanks for your reports! Keep them coming!
  • Remembered to update the version text this time

New known issues:

  • The “You have been captured” splash doesn’t appear when you get knocked out, but you can still press A to restart from checkpoint. Status: investigating.
  • Redcoats that chase you… well… sometimes they freak out, especially if you hop to the blue line at some point. Status: AI redesign imminent.
  • Redcoats sometimes fall through the floor when knocked down. Status: Reproducible, investigating

Thank you once again for all your support. Good luck out there, Patriots1

– Dan

Via:: Children of Liberty News