Yes folks, you heard that right! Mondrian – Plastic Reality is finally available on more platforms! We’ve managed to successfully bring the game to Kartridge, Kongregate’s PC games platform, and our own Discord channel. All you need is a pretty low-end laptop and you can jump right into the game and begin creating your own Mondrian levels almost instantly!

Now I know what you’re thinking: “But Danny, when does the game launch on the Epic Games Store?” All I can say at the moment is that we’ll be trickling the game out to as many platforms as we can as the year goes on, culminating in the Steam launch. As of right now you can grab the game on, GameJolt, Kartridge, and Discord. You can also Wishlist it on Steam, but we won’t be bringing the Early Access version there. Since the game is so heavily focused on user generated content, we want to be sure that Steam Workshop compatibility is working before we even think of launching the game up there. Unless everyone starts screaming for the game on Steam right meow, we’re going to consider the Steam version the launch version.

The next question: “Why don’t you launch it on your own site?” The simple answer is we absolutely could. However, we don’t have the resources to deal with credit card fraud, direct patching, or piracy (though in general we’d prefer you pirate our games than buy them from gray market key resellers like G2A or Kinguin). Though we lose a percentage of sales by working via these sites, that percentage is made up for by providing these services and then some. If you want to support us beyond our 70%-80% cut on these platforms, please consider buying us a cup of coffee or picking up a t-shirt at our Redbubble shop!

There has been a LOT of talk lately about the best way to support game developers, so we’d like to take this opportunity to clarify the chatter. To help you better understand the revenue share breakdown from all our various platforms, we’ve made a colorful and convenient graph! Everybody likes graphs right?

What kinds of information can we gleam from this graph? Well, the majority of platforms where we distribute games let us keep 90% of the revenue. itch, GameJolt, Discord, and Humble are all excellent places to buy our games. Kartridge lets us keep 100% of our games’ revenue until it makes $10,000, after which the revshare drops to 70%. Steam of course has its standard 70% (75% and 80% at $10mil and $50mil respectively), but the amount of services on offer – Steam Workshop, Achievements, Trading Cards, Badges, Community Forums, Streaming, etc. – makes it worth the price of admission. The outlier is Redbubble at 10%, but keep in mind this is a markup on merchandise that we set to be as fair to you as possible. The best way to support us is at Ko-fi, where we keep 100% of what you donate, and we do have some backer rewards to thank you for helping us out.

Finally, there’s the question of Mac/Linux compatibility and localization. Sadly we don’t have anything to announce in this area just yet, but it’s absolutely a goal we want to achieve by launch. For now, the game is available on PC, will work under Windows 7 and up, and even with integrated graphics. Trust us, you’re going to have a great time with it, and we can’t wait to see what creations you come up with and share on!

As always, thank you for playing and thank you for your support. We’re extremely excited to start bringing Mondrian to other platforms, and Discord and Kartridge are some excellent platforms to help us get the ball bouncing. Join our Discord and don’t be a stranger!

– Danny