Today we’re showing off progress on the latest scene from Children of Liberty, the Hancock-Clarke House. Using reference material from the latest renovation, as well as photos and videos of the building, we’ve been able to accurately reconstruct the house as it would have been in 1775. Note that some textures may get shifted around later, but all the wallpaper is also period-accurate.

The Hancock-Clarke House plays an important role in the story of Children of Liberty, being the initial destination of Paul Revere’s Ride. Two very important cutscenes take place in this house, but like everything we build, we’re looking into more ways we can use the house in the game itself.

More detail is obviously on the way, but we thought we’d give you just a little taste of how things are shaping up! Make sure to join in the conversation on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and gives the screenshots a thumbs up!

– Danny