Greetings, Patriots! Children of Liberty has been updated to version EX10. This version includes many MAJOR bug fixes and the new menu system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed one instance of character physics failure upon respawning
  • Fixed one instance of enemies falling through the floor upon player interaction
  • Fixed one instance of enemies teleporting inadvertently
  • Fixed enemy vision errors upon seeing player
  • Fixed player Hop To Blue going slightly too far backward
  • Fixed captured & victory splashes being inadvertently hidden along with the main UI
  • Fixed enemy spawning position bug
  • Fixed Redcoat Swat animation facing the wrong way
  • Fixed garbled in-game icons
  • Fixed major inefficiencies with in-game GUI
  • Fixed a pillar in the way of the camera at the end of the Warehouse

New Features

  • Updated splash screen with updated logos
  • Added the new book-style menu system! Menus coming soon: Instructions, Pause, & Options!
  • Added a link to a new General Feedback form to the Main Menu. Tell us anything!
  • Updated the Main Menu to properly describe the current Warehouse level (which is being replaced very soon) as being in prototype status. Brian will ensure that all new content will be fully & properly described as being prototype-phase content until it’s actually alpha.

We have SO much stuff coming through the pipeline! We’ve done a lot of scene building this year, and we’re perfectly positioned to add TONS of content in 2015! We’ll have our upgraded tutorial in the new historically accurate Warehouse playable by spring, as well as virtual fly-throughs of several other scenes in progress in early 2015! In the short term, EX11 will bring a new menu and at least one other valuable addition, and this update will hit before Christmas!

Scene progress has been SO good that we’ve started to look back on what we’ve built this year and take screenshots of it all! We’ll be releasing dozens of galleries with dozens of pictures of our levels “leveling up” from barebones skeletons to breathaking scenery! This will include pictures of what we work with in Unity3D, and comparisons of our levels to our reference photos! You’ll get to see all of these screenshots over time via our social media and newsletter – make sure you’re following them all to see everything! You can sign up for our newsletter here, which includes all manner of development news, community opportunities, giveaways, and all sorts of fun stuff!

In this version of Children of Liberty, we are launching our new book-style menu system. We’re extremely excited about where this new menu is headed, and have some big things in store! First, as mentioned above, is the incoming Options menu to help you better tailor your gameplay experience to your system specs and personal preferences. Second, the improved Instructions pages will allow us to go more in-depth with how to play the game overall, and what makes each playable character unique. Finally, this new menu allows us to build The Codex, an in-game encyclopedia filled with information on Colonial America, and you’ll be able to unlock pages of the Codex via in-game collectibles!

In other news, development is accelerating yet again! Brian has upgraded Children of Liberty’s asset workflow to GitHub. This change will have a big impact on the way we develop, solving many problems we had before and crucially giving us much more power to integrate development with the rest of the project!

Our bug reports (among other things) will soon be upgraded to integrate with GitHub, and also Asana, our project management software. These major development upgrades make our lives a ton easier going forward and also let you get more involved in the game’s development than ever before. Specifically, we get to do the following:

  • Stay on top of all feedback easily with automated notifications & tasking
  • Follow up with you on your reports & feedback
  • Automatically maintain a list of known issues
  • Facilitate better dev-related community management in non-bug-related aspects

What’s more, we’ll be able to credit all intrepid bug reporters in our in-game credits! Your completely optional credit appearance will be customizable when the new bug reporting system launches, and we can even reward the best reporters & testers somehow down the line. When it’s all set up, the new bug reporting system will be a really big way for you to get involved with Children of Liberty’s development.

Thank you, Patriots, for your patience this year while Brian improved development and management. It’s already paying off big time! Expect big things from Children of Liberty in 2015!

Via:: Children of Liberty News