Hello everyone and a belated Happy 2023! It’s normally around this time that we would write a recap of the previous year’s endeavors, and believe me, there were a lot: returning to real-world events, becoming a Twitch Affiliate, introducing new game modes, publishing the Free Admission version of Mondrian – Plastic Reality, you name it, we did it. But that is not why I’m here today. I am here to talk about pricing.

You have likely seen a lot of news lately about Steam prices being readjusted to match exchange rates, and yes, we will be doing the same, but also striving to be as fair as possible about it. With that in mind, we thought we would give you a heads-up as to the incoming changes.

For both Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty and Mondrian – Plastic Reality, we will be equalizing prices on Steam across all territories on March 1. Why are we doing this? Well, put simply, the disparity between currencies, as it stands, is staggering. While Plastic Reality is $14.99 USD, it can be purchased for half that amount or less in nearly half of all territories, and also ABOVE retail price in a couple others. For the sake of customers in all territories, we felt it was necessary to balance the pricing across the board. However, before these changes take effect, BOTH GAMES WILL BE ON SALE between February 20 and 27, 34% off for Plastic Reality and 51% off for Abstraction in Beauty. This will put Plastic Reality under $10 for the first time ever! If you have had the games on your Wishlist for a while, make sure to do so now so you don’t miss the upcoming sale.

We realize that even with the discount, the game may still be too expensive for some. If that is the case, we encourage you to download the Free Admission demo of Plastic Reality to check out what the game has to offer and start getting involved in our welcoming, creative community. We keep the demo up to date too so you will never fall behind on bug fixes or new features!

Some news about the next major update – or “Movement” – for Mondrian – Plastic Reality will be coming pretty soon. We are attempting to tackle some long-requested changes, so it may take a little while. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, thank you for your understanding, continued support, and as always, for playing. Here’s to a big 2023!

– Danny