October’s #screenshotSaturday posts were very exciting, as we showed off both major overhauls to Mondrian – Plastic Reality’s analogous color schemes and a new area in Children of Liberty. It was a nonstop productive month for us, so why drag this intro out any more? Let’s get to the good stuff!

October 6, 2018

October’s Mondrian – Plastic Reality screenshot showcases a powerful new feature of the analogous color schemes. Originally, the game’s color selection began and ended at Red, which meant Cool and Warm colors could not exist in the same level. Well, that has been fixed thanks to the game’s new Color Wheel system! This system allows the game to select monochrome, adjacent, triad, tetrad, and complimentary color schemes based on 12 predefined primary, secondary, and tertiary colors as well as 128 levels of maximum lightness. The results are beautiful and, more importantly, relational colors in every level that uses this system. Of course, Grayscale, Randomized, and De Stijl schemes are still in as well, so there’s no shortage of visual variation in the game!

October 13, 2018

Moving onto Children of Liberty, we have a first-ever preview of the Boston Gaol’s basement! The building was described as “Hell on Earth,” so we are taking visual inspiration from three sources: one, the jail at Colonial Williamsburg, which is still one of the most well-preserved examples of an 18th century American jail around; two, various 17th-18th century dungeons and catacombs in Boston and Salem; and finally DOOM II: Hell on Earth, because if something is going to be described as “Hell on Earth,” you’re darn tootin’ we’re going to draw inspiration from classic id Software titles.

October 20, 2018

Another room from the Boston Gaol basement in Children of Liberty, this time looking out into the hallway. Even though our intention is to make this a very dark level, we know lighting is extremely important. Our intention for this level is to make heavy, uncomfortable use of lighting and fog to create unease, not the inability to see where you’re going. Despite that, we don’t want to make it too bright. It is a jail after all, so you can expect us to keep playing around with lighting here for a while.

October 27, 2018

For the last Children of Liberty screenshot in October, we’re going back to Lexington, for something a little more cozy! This particular house makes great use of old and new assets, soft lighting, and lots of color variation. We even have more tricks up our sleeve when it comes to asset variation, so stay tuned for something very, very cool in that department.

November Preview

2018 is wrapping up, but despite that, we have lots of new stuff to show from both Mondrian – Plastic Reality AND Children of Liberty. We recently got some new special effects working in Mondrian, and of course we have more to show from Children of Liberty, including from Lexington, the Boston Gaol, and even buildings created in our House Customizer. Big, BIG things are on the way, so make sure to follow our Instagram for the latest #screenshotsaturday posts. As always, if you’d like to support Lantana Games, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Children of Liberty Early AccessMondrian – Abstraction in Beauty, or the newly released Mondrian – Plastic Reality Early Access on Steam or itch.io. You can also grab a t-shirt, coffee mug, notebook, poster, or whatever else you’d like at our Redbubble Shop! Every little bit helps!

– Danny