August’s #screenshotSaturday featured a lot of looks at our current behind-the-scenes happenings. From level building to 3D modeling and even a brand new house building tool, August was a very busy month! Everyone on the team put in some amazing work as we wrapped up Team Summer, and August’s screenshots were a testament to their abilities.

August 4, 2018

Our monthly Mondrian screenshot showed off a classic level, Checkersquare, but with a lot of new features included. As well as the revamped bomb animation and restored particle effects, this shot demonstrates the new analogous color schemes, as well as a Sophie Taeuber-Arp background art designed by our artist Ilayda. All levels from the original Abstraction in Beauty are included in the brand new Plastic Reality, as well as many new levels, new background art, and the ability to create your own levels in Mondrian Maker. Learn more here!

August 11, 2018

This screenshot from Children of Liberty shows off some of the new furniture our level builder Anna worked on during the summer, as well as the variation we’re now able to achieve thanks to some minor shininess changes on our materials in Unity. Unity’s Standard Shader is perfectly equipped for allowing us to achieve all manner of woods, with various stains and paints.

August 18, 2018

This behind-the-scenes shot from Children of Liberty is the first look at a tool our programmer Co-Op Alex built over the summer. This House Customizer allows us to build and detail houses, taverns, shops, and other buildings with just a few quick clicks via dropdown menus, sliders, and some material replacement. We are in the process of using the House Customizer to build both background buildings & landmark locations for the game. The tool has already greatly sped up the process of developing 3D architecture for use throughout the game and we can’t wait to share some more creations with you!

August 25, 2018

Back in the land of hand-built houses, Anna spent much of the summer cleaning up and detailing previous geometry built in Unity 4, as well as creating new variations on previously-created textures, like the wallpaper seen here. Our Co-Op artist Manning created some highly detailed rugs, while Ilayda continued to paint gorgeous landscape paintings for use throughout the game. These houses will be visible and explorable throughout the Lexington level.

September Preview

We have a nice library of screenshots ready to go for the fall, showing off even more of the work completed during the summer. This primarily means work on various houses around Lexington, including the Hancock-Clarke house, and of course new Mondrian gameplay screenshots. As always, if you’d like to support Lantana Games, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Children of Liberty Early AccessMondrian – Abstraction in Beauty, or the newly released Mondrian – Plastic Reality Early Access on Steam or You can also grab a t-shirt, coffee mug, notebook, poster, or whatever else you’d like at our Redbubble Shop! Every little bit helps!

– Danny